An Encouraging Word from "Main St."

In my sermon last Sunday, I asked people to express their interest in Grace Fellowship | Newport via our website so we'd be sure to have an accurate count of who thinks they want to come with us, and it what capacity (Marine, Missionary, or "Main Streeter,").  There's a comments section on the WuFoo form that people use to ask questions, drop an encouraging note, and sometimes express some rather detailed this sister did:

Name *********
Email *********
Which One Are You? *Main Streeter - I live in the area, and want to make this campus my new church home.
Comments/QuestionsI am so excited this is happening. My boyfriend and I drive for 45 min or so so we can be at the service every Sunday. We have wanted to engage in small groups and even pre engagement counseling but we work alot and go to school too, and that makes it really hard to get involved. I can't wait for small groups in the area and I already have so many of my friends invited to come with me. I've been looking for a place to serve for so long! Such a blessing, please let me know when things start happening. Prayin for it!

Keep praying!

Love & thanks,

Pastor Peter
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