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I spoke with the GM of the AMC Newport 20 Theaters yesterday (Thursday).  Things are moving along just fine, but the corporate office had asked for a few more pieces of information from us, which I was glad to provide.  One of the questions was concerning how long we'd be willing to commit.  One of the advantages to using a movie theater is our potential for growth.  With seating capacity in some theaters up to 450, there probably won't be an imminent need to move on due to a shortage of space.  This makes us more open to long-term commitments (maybe 6-12 months), which is an all-around win for all involved (less moving for us, more consistent income for them, badda-bing, badda-boom).

I also took the opportunity to inquire about possibly renting two theaters each week.  Our research shows that 76% or more churches using movie theaters for worship services actually use two theaters - one for the worship service itself, and the other for Children's Ministry needs.  Even smaller-sized theaters offer plenty of space to use for multiple purposes, so this may be a better option for Children's Sunday School classes than the conference rooms we saw on Monday.  I'm confident we'd be able to work with either, but wanted to explore that opportunity while I had him on the phone.  Again, he was very kind and more than willing to make the inquiry.

Doug said he thinks he may have numbers as early as today (Fri) since he now has all the information the corporate office needs.  If we think the proposal to be doable, it's my sincere hope to have something signed by early next week (after the Labor Day weekend).  Yup...I'm pumped, too.  {;-)

Oh, one last thing.  If you were hoping to incorporate the word "popcorn" into the name of the new campus, that's probably not going to happen.  Someone in Springville, IN, beat us to it (yes, I'm serious).

Keep praying!

Love & thanks,

Pastor Peter
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