#LaunchPrep has begun!

100 people?!  At our first ever #LaunchPrep Meeting?  Yup!  What a great turnout.  It's so exciting and encouraging to see the excitement and enthusiasm surrounding all that God is doing among us as we continue to move forward with Grace Fellowship | Newport.

Couldn't make it?  Shucks...well, there are plenty more to come to and, once again, there will be new content each and every week, so come to as many as you can!  Here's a brief recap of what we covered on Sunday:

  • About #LaunchPrep Meetings  - similar to Forums with lots of dialog and interaction, but different in that we'll have brand new content each & every week, so it's not a "seen 1, seen 'em all" type thing.  New week, new meeting, new stuff, all for our new campus.
  • Update - reiterated what was posted in the last blogpost re: AMC Movie Theaters, contract negotiations, and my ongoing desire to sign it yesterday. {;-)
  • Launch Timeline - We have dates set!  In a sense, we'll launch twice.  Our "soft launch" is when we'll begin worshiping in Newport.  Our "hard launch" is the date will advertise to the public as our start-date, giving us 4 or so weeks in between soft & hard launches to work out some kinks and get used to the new place.  Of course, visitors would be more than welcome at anytime.
    • Commissioning at Florence Campus: Sun, 06-Jan-2013
    • Soft launch at Newport: Sun, 13-Jan-2013
    • Hard launch at Newport: Sun, 10-Feb-2013
#LaunchPrep meetings will be held just about every Sunday during 3rd service (11:30 AM) at the Florence campus.  Here's an outline of what we'll be talking about between now & our launch:

  • Assimilation (starting this Sun, 30-Sep) - What must be done in order to have a highly effective process of assimilating people from newcomers to active, growing, changing members of our body?
  • Welcome - Before we get into pragmatics of how to effectively welcome people, we need to answer the biblical "why."  Is there a biblical motivation behind our welcome ministry, or is it just something we gotta do as an American church?
  • Kids - "We gotta have something for the kids."  I hate that line.  Why is it important to have a God-honoring, effective ministry to the littlest ones among us, that goes beyond what they get in a clean, safe daycare facility?  (Oh yeah...and how in the world do we do this in a movie theater?!)
  • Outreach - What a loaded word.  Some people think soup kitchen, others think tracts, others think street preaching, and still others think things that are completely different are a hodgepodge of them all.  What does outreach look like for us in Newport?  How would God have us get the word out?
  • Small Groups - You've heard it before.  These are the heartbeat of our church.  Well they may also be a viable entry point for newcomers.  Does this change how the Small Group operates?  Why or why not?  How?
We've certainly got lots to talk about together, and I'm excited to spend the time with you as we learn and grow together.  January will be here before we know it, and so will the next #LaunchPrep class.  This Sun, 30-Sep, 11:30 AM (during 3rd service) in rooms 209/210.  See you there.

Love & thanks,

Pastor Peter
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