Launch Prep: Outreach Part One

We have a unique blessing of being in a movie theater.  It intrigues people.  Why is it a good thing?  It breaks down the stigma of church being a location, a location that’s set apart.  Maybe people will come out of curiosity, and it’s less intimidating.  It also provides a location that people are familiar with…they know where AMC Newport theater is.  We're going to use the fact that we're in a well-known movie theater to our advantage.

This passage of scripture served as our foundation for thinking about outreach today: John 1:19-46

“When Christ calls a man, he bids him come and die.”
-Life Together by Bonhoeffer

What does that mean?  It can mean dying to self, or putting off the "old man."  Before one would die, though, he must follow.  Before he can follow, he must first see Jesus, the one to follow.  Before he can follow Jesus, though, he must come take a look.  At this launch prep meeting, we pondered the question, "what are viable means for us to get the word out that we’re there in Newport, and for people to come and see?"

Think about this.  How did you find out about Grace Fellowship Church in the first place?  What motivated you to come?  God moving in your life, yes.  And probably a friend.  The launch prep crew overwhelmingly voiced that they were invited by someone they knew.  How will you reach out to the people that you know to let them know?

Some of the ideas discussed involved a personal invitation, that included reasons why you have personally been drawn to Grace Fellowship specifically: maybe it's the honest and real teaching, the hope given, or maybe it's something else.  Other ideas involved developing relationships in the Newport area and continuing to cultivate the ones you already have...and mentioning that we're starting a campus there.  Some shared that they've already been doing this and it has been positively received.  Others shared that they were making Newport their date night destination so that they can meet people and invite them.  Brainstorm ways that are relational and make sense for you...then take steps of faith.

And, don't forget that God acted to give us a location when we all fasted and prayed.  God moved more in that time than he had in the months/years before.  God brings about the increase.  Let's pray that He will bring the people to the Newport campus that He wants there.

Join us next week at 9:45am downstairs at the Grace Fellowship Florence campus for Launch Prep: Outreach Part Two.

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