Logistics Team Update & Prayer Requests

What we're up to:

We have received much of the equipment for the main sanctuary, and have been organizing and preparing it for  use.  Our logistics team actually practiced a mock setup/teardown in the lobby of grace, so we could get some practice with all of the new equipment.  In December, we will actually be moving the equipment to the theater where we will practice full setup/teardowns in anticipation of the launch.

Prayer requests:

  • Be praying as we have a mock setup this coming Sunday, and set up for the first time in the theater. 
  • Pray that God gives us wisdom as we work through the many details and unforeseen technical issues that we may face.
  • That nothing falls through the cracks as we try to prepare and try to think through all the details.
  • That God is glorified above all. 
We would love for you to join the logistics team if you are able to show up a few minutes early to help setup, or stay a few minutes after to tear down - either front or back end of the service, or both.  Reach out to andrewcaudill[at]graceky[dot]org if you'd like to join up with this team.

This post is from Andrew Caudill, Logistics team leader.  

Theater Conference Thanks

Thanks for your prayers for the leadership team trip to Washington, DC for the Theater Conference!  Praise God that:

  • He brought us into unity, giving us direction and wisdom for each of our specific areas.
  • He encouraged us, showing how He had already gone before us and given us answers for things (like a computer presentation program, for example) before we went, then confirmation that they were a wise choice.
  • He built excitement for the community that we will have in Newport.

"It was reassuring to me to see that what I have been planning in my head is pretty much how they were doing things! The staff is not only willing to, but desires to help us in any way they can and have been a great resource for me as I have had questions throughout the week." - Katie Zuerner, Children's Ministry Team Leader

"I enjoyed being able to meet one-on-one with the various members of leadership during the conference. Just being able to see how a theater church is done and to be able to ask specific questions related to AV was so helpful." - Ben Talbert, AV Team Leader

"I learned that we are not only on the right track when it comes to our setup, logistics, and equipment, but we are actually ahead in all that we have. It was really cool to hear [the folks at National Community Church] say again and again say "we hope to upgrade to that in the next two to five years." - Andrew Caudill, Logistics Team Leader

Overall, we walked away encouraged that we're on the right path.  Pray that this multisite endeavor would be for God's glory! 

Children's Ministry Update & Prayer Requests

What we're up to:

We are currently reading through curriculum and also having many phone conversations with people who are, or have been, in a theatre church just to ask questions and get guidance.  We will be working on dividing the children up, creating classes and assigning teachers to their rotation. We'll be ordering all of the supplies soon.  The trip to the Theater Church conference was especially helpful.  We got to ask lots of questions, and see how things played out.  It was encouraging to see that we already have many things in place that many theater churches hope to get to.

Prayer requests:

My prayer is that we will choose a curriculum that will be user-friendly and will bless the Children. And, that God continues to build excitement for the ministry on the team.  We take our role of bringing all of the Children's ministry values of our Florence campus to the Newport campus seriously.  Pray that God gives us wisdom in setting up His Children's ministry in this new setting.  

This post is from Katie Zuerner, Children's ministry team leader. Still haven't joined up with a Newport team? Contact katiezuerner[at]graceky.org for more info about how to help out with Children's ministry at the Newport campus.

AV TEAM Update & Prayer Requests

What our team is up to:
We just had our first AV team meeting discussing our various roles and responsibilities. We're trying to problem-solve lighting issues and all of the unknowns that might present themselves in a theater setting. We have had two mock set-up/tear-downs recently and were encouraged at the enthusiasm and teamwork.

Next steps:
We are looking forward to taking a weekend trip to Washington DC to see how other theater-meeting-churches are doing this. We are eagerly anticipating the experience we will gain by getting in the theater and seeing how it all comes together.

Prayer requests:
That our core teams will humbly embrace this opportunity to facilitate worship in the Newport campus and also that God will give Ben wisdom in decision making and training other people who are giving of their time and gifts.

From AV Team Leader Ben Talbert.

Theater Conference Trip Prayer Requests

The leaders of the AV, logistics, children's ministry, worship and communications teams, as well as some of the Grace Fellowship Church staff in related areas, are taking a trip to see theater church happen in real life and attend a conference for theater churches.  These team leaders will get to ask questions, attend tracks on their specific team areas and get to collaborate on Newport plans.  Please pray for this trip:

  • For all of the logistics: planes, trains, driving and weather. That things would go smoothly and that folks on the trip would be able to adjust to God's plans if they are different then what the team had in mind.
  • That there would be unity in spirit, purpose, direction, goals and enthusiasm among the core team. May God use this time to knit our hearts closer to His and each others'.
  • For the conference...that the information would be useful in application to the Newport campus.  And, that Peter and the team leaders would be excited and encouraged; not overwhelmed.

Thanks to Sarah_Ackerman via Flickr for the image.

LaunchPrep Meeting Dates

Our next LaunchPrep meeting will be Sunday, December 9th.  So, mark your calendars and be downstairs at the Florence campus at 9:45am.

Between now and then, the core team of folks leading each of the teams (AV, communications, logistics, etc) will be going to Washington, DC for a theater church conference, we have a move-in date at the theater and teams involved in the mock setup/tear-down will be doing a run-through at theater.  Core team leaders will instruct folks on where to be and when.

Just because we aren't meeting for LaunchPrep doesn't mean that there's nothing for you to do.  We desperately need your prayer (more info on that here).  Also, consider giving to the Newport Launch Matching Gift, where an anonymous donor has offered to match your donations toward the Newport Campus up to $75,000!  More info on that here.

Prayer: It's God that Builds, Provides & Protects

During Launch Prep: Outreach Part Two, we prayed that God would build, provide for and protect our campus.

During our meeting, we broke up into groups and prayed that God would build, provide and protect our campus. 

Would you join us in continuing to pray these things for the Newport campus?  We found these Scriptures to be helpful in grounding us in truth as we asked God to move at the Newport campus.

Launch Prep: Outreach Part Two

Our focus verse for this Launch Prep session: Psalm 127:1-2

"We are very busy.  I like to be busy.  I remember a pastor using this acronym: Being Under Satan’s Yoke.  We want to not put our hope and trust in 'busy.'  We can’t forget why we do what we do, for whom we do what we do and whose help we need.  Unless the LORD builds the house, they labor in vain.  Unless he guards or protects it.  There’s opposition we can see, opposition we can’t see."
- Peter, Newport Campus Pastor

Look at all that the LORD is doing (not what man is doing) in the verses of Psalm 127:1-2.

Reminder: this is God’s doing.  He’s the one who saves, adds, grows, keeps.  

Without that understanding, it can feel like it’s all about us….if we don’t say the right thing, if we don’t get it right.

We then checked out Acts 13:48.  What comfort that there are people that God decided to save, to bring Himself glory!  The people preached and God added.  Note that it's God that did the adding.

While it is God that saves, we do well to plan and prepare.

In Launch Prep: Outreach Part One we looked at some of the "hows" of outreach.  This session looked at the "who."  Should we reach out to everyone?  Literally to everyone?  Is that possible?  Yes, everyone is welcome.  Still, we have do have limits to our resources, time and ability, to name a few.  Lord, who would you have us intentionally reach out to?  Yes, everyone is welcome.

Pray with us that we would be good stewards of the resources God has given us for reaching out to others, and that we'd be united and intentional about this outreach.  

God Always Casts the Deciding Vote

Sunday's sermon audio is up a bit early here for the purpose of sharing with friends and family that may be considering staying away from the polls tomorrow.  It's also up so that we can be reminded again that God is sovereign over politics and world leaders, no matter what the results.  So, share as you see fit.
And, past sermon audio and video can be found on the Grace Fellowship Church webpage.

Upcoming Dates to Note

At the LaunchPrep meeting on October 28th, we quickly ran through these dates, and want to pass them on.  They're subject to change, as many things about our Newport launch are, but these are what we're planning and praying for.
  • Saturday, December 1st, 2012 – Move equipment into AMC Theater storage
  • Sunday, December 2nd, 2012 – Mock Setup/Tear Down – setup/tear down team will participate
  • Sunday, December 16th, 2012 – Mock Setup/Tear Down – setup/tear down team will participate
  • Sunday, January 6th, 2013 – Commissioning at Florence, as part of prayer and praise
  • Sunday, January 13th, 2013 – Soft Launch - we'd love to get a few services under our belt before we strongly go after inviting new guests to come...but if you have someone that you've already invited and they're eager to come, by all means, bring them along
  • Sunday, February 3rd, 2013 – Full Launch – invite guests to come!
Image credit: JoeLanman

Questions from the Newport Crew

As part of the Launch Prep meeting, we had a Q&A session on October 28th, 2012.  If you weren't able to attend, here's a recap of some of the questions that came up.  As always, this comes with a caveat that many things are subject to change.  We desire to be agile...and a flock that is easy to lead as God guides and directs.  With that in mind, though, here are some of the questions and answers that were discussed.

Q: Will we just have one service, if so, at what time?
A: We’ll just have one service to start out with.  We’re looking at 10:30am in order to maximize our setup time.  We have a pre-determined time window with AMC theater, and this dictates our start and end times.

Q: Will we be using any of the AMC equipment?
A: Just their screen.  We’re responsible for the rest.

Q: How many theaters will we be renting?
A: Two theaters for children’s ministry, one for worship.  When we spoke to others doing church in a theater, this was the norm.  The biggest unknown about Newport is how to best do children’s ministry…so we need prayer!  Please specifically pray for the logistics of Children’s ministry.  We’re doing some “reconnaissance” locally, then in Washington DC in November at a conference to help inform our plans.

Q: Will Newport have the same policies, systems and safety guidelines for children’s ministry?
A: Yes, we’ll require the same training, background checks, etc.  We may not have exactly the same electronic check in system.  We bring the same concern about our children, their welfare and spiritual growth with us to Newport.

Q: Do we have to pay to park?
A: If you choose to park in the garage, you’ll have to pay.  We don’t have a parking discount.  You can park free on-street.

Q: What will we do when there are events in Newport on Sundays, especially for parking?
A: We haven't gotten to the nitty gritty details of this yet, but  pray for us to find solutions on a case by case basis.

Image Credit: Surminga
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