Launch Prep: Outreach Part Two

Our focus verse for this Launch Prep session: Psalm 127:1-2

"We are very busy.  I like to be busy.  I remember a pastor using this acronym: Being Under Satan’s Yoke.  We want to not put our hope and trust in 'busy.'  We can’t forget why we do what we do, for whom we do what we do and whose help we need.  Unless the LORD builds the house, they labor in vain.  Unless he guards or protects it.  There’s opposition we can see, opposition we can’t see."
- Peter, Newport Campus Pastor

Look at all that the LORD is doing (not what man is doing) in the verses of Psalm 127:1-2.

Reminder: this is God’s doing.  He’s the one who saves, adds, grows, keeps.  

Without that understanding, it can feel like it’s all about us….if we don’t say the right thing, if we don’t get it right.

We then checked out Acts 13:48.  What comfort that there are people that God decided to save, to bring Himself glory!  The people preached and God added.  Note that it's God that did the adding.

While it is God that saves, we do well to plan and prepare.

In Launch Prep: Outreach Part One we looked at some of the "hows" of outreach.  This session looked at the "who."  Should we reach out to everyone?  Literally to everyone?  Is that possible?  Yes, everyone is welcome.  Still, we have do have limits to our resources, time and ability, to name a few.  Lord, who would you have us intentionally reach out to?  Yes, everyone is welcome.

Pray with us that we would be good stewards of the resources God has given us for reaching out to others, and that we'd be united and intentional about this outreach.  
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