Logistics Team Update & Prayer Requests

What we're up to:

We have received much of the equipment for the main sanctuary, and have been organizing and preparing it for  use.  Our logistics team actually practiced a mock setup/teardown in the lobby of grace, so we could get some practice with all of the new equipment.  In December, we will actually be moving the equipment to the theater where we will practice full setup/teardowns in anticipation of the launch.

Prayer requests:

  • Be praying as we have a mock setup this coming Sunday, and set up for the first time in the theater. 
  • Pray that God gives us wisdom as we work through the many details and unforeseen technical issues that we may face.
  • That nothing falls through the cracks as we try to prepare and try to think through all the details.
  • That God is glorified above all. 
We would love for you to join the logistics team if you are able to show up a few minutes early to help setup, or stay a few minutes after to tear down - either front or back end of the service, or both.  Reach out to andrewcaudill[at]graceky[dot]org if you'd like to join up with this team.

This post is from Andrew Caudill, Logistics team leader.  
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