Theater Conference Trip Prayer Requests

The leaders of the AV, logistics, children's ministry, worship and communications teams, as well as some of the Grace Fellowship Church staff in related areas, are taking a trip to see theater church happen in real life and attend a conference for theater churches.  These team leaders will get to ask questions, attend tracks on their specific team areas and get to collaborate on Newport plans.  Please pray for this trip:

  • For all of the logistics: planes, trains, driving and weather. That things would go smoothly and that folks on the trip would be able to adjust to God's plans if they are different then what the team had in mind.
  • That there would be unity in spirit, purpose, direction, goals and enthusiasm among the core team. May God use this time to knit our hearts closer to His and each others'.
  • For the conference...that the information would be useful in application to the Newport campus.  And, that Peter and the team leaders would be excited and encouraged; not overwhelmed.

Thanks to Sarah_Ackerman via Flickr for the image.
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