Another Take Two Recap: Setup/Teardown

One step at a time in the right direction.

Last Sunday (December 9th), was the second Sunday morning setup.
Andrew Caudill (logistics), Ben Talbert (audio/visual), and Spencer Settles (music), have all been saying that the goal of these Sunday mornings is just to figure out what works and what doesn't.

So we've been spending our time setting up the audio/visual equipment and having the band play, just to get a sense of how things are going to play out and what cord goes where.

It's been really encouraging to see the grace that everyone has been giving to each other, even when things don't go exactly according to plan.  And, we really walked away encouraged this past Sunday that things are sounding and looking great, to God's glory!  We can't wait to open the doors and bring everyone in to experience it all.

Let's keep pursuing and praying for excellence at our Newport campus.

For another recap of the second setup/tear down, check out one from Pastor Peter here.

Picture and post come from music team member Josh Lewis.
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