Building Relationships via Mock Service Take Three

Even though the Newport launch doesn't happen for a few more weeks, several Newport service teams have been extremely busy preparing. In addition to planning meetings and conferences, the main emphasis has been on mock services - where the setup team, AV team, and worship team actually set up at AMC, and worship together as we would on a normal Sunday. 

While there is much that we could say about these times, the most exciting thing for me is the people that I get to serve with and worship with. As a team, we have gotten very comfortable with the location and equipment, but even more important, we have grown as friends as we work side by side. 

I think that is what excites me most about the Newport campus - more than the location or equipment, Grace Fellowship I Newport will offer new ways to build kingdom friendships. One of the most natural ways this will happen (other than small group) is through serving together. 

Not involved in a service area yet? Why not jump in! There are many different areas that you can get plugged in at, with a variety of flexibility in time and commitment. I guarantee that you will meet new people and build deeper friendships in ways that aren't possible otherwise. 

I'm excited for January (soft launch) and February (hard launch)! I can't wait to see everyone at AMC, and look forward to serving the body.

This post is from Andrew Caudill, logistics team leader.  He can be reached at andrewcaudill[at]graceky[dot]org.
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