Soft Launch : Anticipation Becomes Reality

A group of us stood outside Theater 10 on Sunday morning to go over our new set up routine and welcome locations. After copious amounts of prayer and planning, it seemed everyone was excited to be part of a new adventure for Grace Fellowship Church. There were several mentions of how it didn't feel like Sunday morning, and how "this kind of feels like a date night."

It doesn't seem so long ago that Newport on the Levee was a brand new exciting place in Northern Kentucky. The movie theater seemed so regal! The sketchy Florence theater quickly became an afterthought, and even though a lot of us (okay, maybe just me?) didn't know what a levee was - we were ready for a new place to visit on the weekends.

I'd venture to guess I'm not alone in saying I never would have known that one day I'd go to church in the same place where I attended the midnight showings of the Harry Potter movies. But God continually surprises me with His plans, so I was definitely onboard.

There was a lot I couldn't picture. I knew the children would be in a couple different smaller theaters, but couldn't envision them playing there. I knew we would sing loud songs of praise, but what would it actually be like?

One of my favorite parts of our first official Sunday worshipping at Newport was seeing what I'd only formerly known as ideas come to life.

There were colorful mats pieced together like a puzzle that fit perfectly to the floor for the kids to play on. The sounds of the worship band filled the room while Peter did a sound check. Parents started checking in their little ones, and quickly the auditorium seemed alive with people. I was blown away by how seamlessly everything went. 

A lot of faces were familiar, and some were new to me. There seemed to be many that I'd always wanted to get to know but hadn't yet had the opportunity. The prospect of engaging with new community as more guests come to this new place of worship seemed very real and I think we all felt grateful to be a part of it. 

As we sat down in our VERY comfortable seats (WITH CUP HOLDERS), we listened to Peter as he reminded us that God builds His church on the rock. It was a perfect reminder that while we become better acquainted in our new Sunday "home," we will not be the builders. Our community in Newport will grow because of God, not because of us. 

There will certainly be hiccups along the way. Every Sunday might not go as smoothly, and that's okay. It does nothing to distract from the fact that we will continue to put forth our best efforts because we are confident that our good God will build as He sees fit.

Thanks to Newport member Fran Dorsey for the reflections on Soft Launch.  We, too, loved getting to see this dream become a reality.

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