Top 10 Things You Should Know for Soft Launch Sunday

Here are the Top 10 Things You Should Know for Soft Launch Sunday at Grace Fellowship Church | Newport:

10.  Service Start Time: 10:30 AM!
Nursery & Children's Ministry will be provided for kids age 0-5th grade.

9.    Check-in ALL your kids when you first arrive!
Stop by our child check-in counter and check your kids in.  If they're 2 or younger, take them back to the Nursery in Theater 2.

8.    Kids 3 & up worship with us all!
Take your kids with you to your seats to worship in song with us!  Later on in the service, we'll take them to Sunday School for you.

7.    Give yourself some extra time!
It's a new Sunday morning routine, so give yourself a little extra time to get to church.

6.    Check out our parking options!  Use on-street parking near the theater for free (meters are off on Sundays), or park inside the Newport On The Levee parking garage for $3.

5.    The sermon tomorrow will be from Matthew 16:13-19.  Pastor Peter has mentioned a portion of this text many times during #LaunchPrep Meetings, and he's excited to spend a bit more time in it this weekend.

4.    Pastor Peter will be preaching live this week.
Although the vast majority of our sermons will come to us via video Pastor Peter will preach live about 25% of the time.  The sermon next week will be on the big screen.

3.    Pray for Florence!
Remember - the launch of GFC Newport affects our friends at the Florence campus, too.  Believe it or not, there have been changes made to just about every area of ministry possible, to some degree.  Pray for the team at Florence who is working hard to make sure things go smoothly there, and here.

2.    Pray big!
The foundation of our campus is truly fasting & prayer.  That's when we saw God move the most and open doors for us to meet where we are.  Now is NOT the time to stop praying, and now is not the time to pray little iddy-biddy prayers.  Pray for big & great things to take place in the lives of all whom God will bring to GFC Newport!

1.    Stay positive.  Be thankful.  Be patient.  Have fun!
This is a brand new journey for all of us.  We've been working hard, so lots will go right...but some will go wrong.  There will probably be many adjustments for each of us.  Let's show our gratitude to God by overflowing with thanksgiving, a positive spirit, and having fun together.  May the joy of the Lord be our strength!

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