Welcoming as Worship

Editor’s Note:
This post comes from Laura Lewis, member of the Welcome team.  While what Laura shares below is from a Welcome team meeting, it can be argued that we’re ALL responsible for welcoming.  What a way to walk out God’s love for people that come through the doors on Sunday morning at AMC Newport.

Last Sunday Pastor Peter met with the Welcome Team of folks going over to Grace Fellowship I Newport and gave us some very helpful values that shape our role on the team. Here are a few ideas I walked away with that might be an encouragement to you as well...

Value: Intentionality
Being highly proactive in looking for, identifying, and engaging our first-time guests.
In our discussion, I realized I need to ask for God’s help both to recognize guests and to know how to love them. I need to pray for discernment to know when to push through an awkward silence and when to give someone a little needed space. I can only do this with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Value: Interaction
Delighting our guests with personal interaction that is loving, engaging and informative.
My tendency is to be task-oriented, but my prayer is that God would help me learn to better interact with those I greet, engaging them by learning their names and remembering what I discover about them. I want to care enough to get to know them rather than just greeting them and pointing them in the right direction.

Sunday, Peter encouraged us that whether we’re greeting first-time guests or active members, we’re helping to prepare people for worship. What an awesome privilege!

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