What's the Bible All About: Part Five

This week, we're hosting a five part interview here on the blog on our upcoming series, What's the Bible All About.  Senior Pastor Brad Bigney was willing to answer some questions to give us an inside scoop on what makes him so excited about this series, when to invite guests and resources to help us dig in deeper beyond Sunday morning.  So, without further ado, here's part part five of five.  (And if you missed earlier interviews in the series, check them out on the blog here.)

Question: If we were to invite a friend, neighbor or co-worker to any one of the sermons in this series, which one might you recommend?

Pastor Brad:  Well, the best thing would be for someone to attend the entire series because each message will build on the previous message as we work our way through from beginning to end, but if you know you can only get your friend to attend a couple of the messages I would suggest you invite them to Sermon #2 – ‘The Biggest Problem’ where we’ll talk about our sin problem that separates us from a holy God.  Sermon #4 – ‘The Greatest Gift’ will focus on Jesus Christ, and Sermon #6 – ‘The Clearest Explanation’ will focus on explaining why Christ had to die on the cross.  Here's the full Sermon schedule.

Question: Any final thoughts you'd like to share with us?

Pastor Brad: I’m really excited about what could happen to each one of us as we go through this series, because a better grasp of what the Bible’s all about will lead us into a clearer understand of who God really is.  And what that happens we could begin to experience what Daniel 11:32 was talking about when it says, “But the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.”  I’d love to see more of that in our church family!

Thanks for sharing with us, Pastor Brad!
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