What's the Bible All About: Part Four

This week, we're hosting a five part interview here on the blog on our upcoming series, What's the Bible All About.  Senior Pastor Brad Bigney was willing to answer some questions to give us an inside scoop on what makes him so excited about this series, when to invite guests and resources to help us dig in deeper beyond Sunday morning.  So, without further ado, here's part part four of five.  (And if you missed earlier interviews in the series, check them out on the blog here.)

Question: How can we prepare our hearts to best receive the message of this series?

Senior Pastor Brad Bigney: A couple of things come to mind.  

First, pray every week before you come, asking God to prepare your heart to see all the wonders of what’s really in His Word.  

Secondly, make sure you have a good Bible (New King James, ESV, or NIV) that you can bring with you each week, ready to make notes and underline key places for when you are reading your Bible in the future. 

Thirdly, consider reading through the Bible this year.  If you’ve never done that, this is a great year to take the challenge and plunge in.  There are all kinds of helpful reading plans that can guide you, depending on how quickly you want to read through it (The Gospel Coalition has one here).  

Fourthly, consider getting into one of our small groups that is discussing the sermon series.  There’s nothing quite like discussing Bible truth with others to give you greater understanding, and drive some of it deeper into your heart and life.

Question: What other resources would be good to accompany this series, in case we get the urge to dig a bit deeper?

Senior Pastor Brad Bigney: There are some great additional resources you might consider purchasing and adding to your own personal library: 

  1. How to Read the Bible Book by Book, by Gordon Fee, is a fantastic little book that gives a great summary and overview of each book of the Bible. It would be great to read this before you read any book of the Bible, as he gives a clear and simply summary of the author, the audience, the date, the location from which it was written, the big theme of that particular book.  You’d be amazed at how much more you’d get out of your Bible reading if you had a basic understanding of what is going on before you start in on that book.  My other recommendation is 
  2. Believer’s Bible Commentary, by William MacDonald.  This is my favorite one volume Bible commentary.  Consider reading through the Bible and using this commentary to stop and look up anything that you really don’t understand, instead of just plowing on in confusion.
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