From Pastor Peter 2/1/13

Dear Grace Family,

Hard Launch Sunday is THIS WEEKEND on Sun, 03-Feb!  What exactly does that mean?  I'm glad you asked. 

Anyone & everyone has been more than welcome to attend services at our Newport campus since we went live three weeks ago (that was our Soft Launch).  We've been blessed to see visitors come who have heard of us from others, found us via social media, and even some who just happened to see some of our signs in the Levee building and came up to check us out last-minute!

However, this weekend is the first Sunday we're officially "going public."  That's why our radio campaign, press release, and other advertising materials referred to this Sunday in particular, and that's also why you may have noticed more of an online "buzz" about us this past week.  We rolled out a Facebookad, and also posted daily content about the upcoming sermon series.  I spent the majority of this week spreading the word at every opportunity, and also firming up plans to continue to promote GFC Newport in various ways.  Several Newport merchants have agreed to give out our promo cards by placing them near their cash registers, in their windows, and on bulletin boards.  Some have even agreed to hang large poster-size versions of the promo cards for increased visibility!

Perhaps the most encouraging times throughout the week were when I'd begin to tell someone about our church, and they'd interrupt me and say they already heard because "so & so" told them about it.  That means you are doing a great job spreading the word, and hopefully are praying that God would bring people - not just this Sunday, but for many Sundays to come.  Very exciting indeed.  Thanks for doing your part by telling others, giving out cards, sharing & retweeting stuff we post, and most importantly for all the ways you pray that God would bless our efforts.  Don't you dare stop! {;-)

Hey...while I've got you, let me encourage you to pick a place to serve in our church family at Newport.  It's been so much fun to see all the things we discussed for weeks at #LaunchPrep meetings come to life as people serve so diligently.  Not only are we getting things done, but it really is a unique way to grow to be more like Christ by serving others (Mark 10:45).  It's also a great way to get to know other people, and to really gain a sense of ownership of our new campus.  Click HERE to see the many ways you can connect to a serve team.  Even if you have a special schedule situation, let us know where you'd like to serve and our Core Team members will do their best to see how you can serve given your situation.  You'll love it, and we'll love having you.

Lastly, but certainly not least, please pray.  God is going to build His Church, and nothing - not even hell itself - will hold it back (
Matt. 16:18).  It's our prayer that He'd be please to build His church among us here in Newport.  Pray God would draw people to hear truth.  Pray God would use our Small Groups to change & grow us to be more like Christ, and welcome new people as they seek to connect to Him and others.  Pray for those in and around Newport who have yet to even consider attending church.  Perhaps God would be pleased to bring them our way for them to be impacted by Him and His.  Pray for our new sermon series starting THIS SUNDAY entitled "What's the Bible All About?"  May we all leave with a renewed excitement about the living Word of God as a result of the time we spend together at the Levee this weekend.

We are so needy, and so inept apart from God's grace.  May God go before us as we move forward for His glory.

"This is the LORD's doing; It is marvelous in our eyes."  Psa. 118:23


Peter LaRuffa
Campus Pastor
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