From Pastor Peter 2/14/13

Dear Grace Family,

Praise God for what He's doing at GFC Newport!
Did you know we've had new people at GFC Newport each & every week?  It's true!  Praise God for the way He's bringing people to our church, and thanks for doing a great job in praying for people to come, and helping to spread the word with our promo cards, and by "liking" us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, and forwarding our blog to people.  Keep up the great work, and let's see what God has in store for us!
What’s the Bible All About?
Last week we looked at the biggest problem – Sin, from Genesis 1-11.  This Sunday we’ll pick it up in Genesis chapter 12 and begin to look at ‘The Greatest Promise,’ as we track through history rejoicing at God is sovereign and prepares the way to make good on His promise of salvation or redemption.
How Can I Serve?
I met a first time guest at the theater door on Sunday morning who wanted to get involved in Serving at GFC Newport.  This week, he's showing up at the theater early in the AM to help us on the Setup/Tear-down team.  Did you know it can be that simple to get involved in serving somewhere at GFC Newport?  Are you already part of a Newport serve team?  Did you know Setup/Tear-Down team gets breakfast provided for them every week? (Seriously, they do.)  I'm confident we have a place for anyone who wants to worship the Lord through serving.  Many people have jumped all in already and are reaping the benefits of serving in one of our key areas at our new campus.  If you've not jumped in to serve yet, we'd love to hook you up!  Look us up on Facebook, Twitter, or send an e-mail to and we'll get right on it.  You can also circle an area in which you'd like to serve on our "Connection Forms" when you get one on Sunday.
Thanks for joining me in making much of Christ together at GFC Newport.  See you on Sunday!
In Christ,
Pastor Peter
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