From Pastor Peter 2/22/13

Dear Grace Family,

TGIF!  Hope you've had a great week and are looking forward to gathering once again to worship together at GFC Newport.

We pulled a little switcheroo this week, as I'm preaching at Florence and Pastor Brad is preaching at Newport!  Please pray for us both as we prepare our hearts & minds to bring the Word this weekend at both GFC campuses.  

What’s the Bible All About?’ High Point!
This Sunday is the high point in our ‘What’s the Bible All About?’ series, because this Sunday we get to the cross of Jesus Christ which is at the very heart of redemption.  Every Sunday is a great Sunday to invite someone, but this one in particular would is especially good as they'll clearly hear what the heart of the Bible and the church is really all about.  Anyone on your radar to ask to join you?  Think about it.  Pray about it.  Talk about it.

Practice the 3 Minute Rule
Every Sunday God has brought guests among us who are with us for the very first time.  He even did this during our Soft Launch, before we were officially public!  Have you introduced yourself to someone new among us yet?  At the end of the services, take the first 3 minutes to speak to someone you do not know.  Look for someone you can reach out to rather than engaging in conversation with friends you already know.  Greet them warmly, introduce yourself, and let them know you’re glad they joined us for worship.  This can make a big difference in someone deciding whether or not they’ll return again. 

Pray before you arrive at our Sunday services
Can you imagine what a difference it would make if everyone really prayed before they arrived on Sunday – asking God to work in a mighty way? There are guests in our services every week that don’t know Christ as their Savior.  Pray for lost people in our Sunday worship services to be pointed to Christ and given faith to believe!  Pastor Brad received an email recently from someone who said his parents just started attending for the first time (after many, many invitations), and have been reading their Bible more than ever before.  There are people like this sitting around you each week in our services, so pray God would do great things in their lives just as He has in ours.

Love in Christ,

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