From Pastor Peter 2/8/12

Dear Grace Family,

New Sermon Series 
We’re into our new sermon series now: What’s the Bible All About? I hope you’re excited to get a better grasp on your Bible – because this book can change your life!  This Sunday we’ll try to cover Genesis 1-11, as we unpack what the Bible says about who we really are, and what our biggest problem really is.  For more on the series, check out an interview we did with Pastor Brad here.

Pray for Office Space! 
I love our meeting space in the movie theater! However, the downside is we only have it on Sunday mornings.  Earlier this week, I scoped out some possible locations for office space.  Securing office space would not only enable me to work from Newport throughout the week, but would allow GFC Newport to offer biblical counseling, a place for Small Groups to meet, as well as space that can be used for a variety of other things in between Sundays.  Please pray God would lead us to His place, just like he did when He hooked us up with the movie theater as a place for worship gatherings.
Bring a Friend!
Despite all the amazing ways we have to market and communicate things in our world today, the #1 reason anyone attends a church service is still a personal invitation from another person.  Who might you invite to go to GFC Newport?  What opportunity is God affording you to give someone our promo card and encourage them to try out our church?  If you choose to invite digitally, this is a helpful resource for first timers.  Pray about these things, and feel free to stock up on promo cards on Sunday.  We have plenty. 
See you on Sunday!
Pastor Peter
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