From Pastor Peter 3/1/13

Dear Grace Family,
This week, we’ll continue in our series entitled What’s the Bible All About? as we look at what Dr. Luke has to say in the Acts of the Apostles.

Think about it…since the New Year, we've launched our new campus in Newport that God has been moving in since day 1. Recently, we had the privilege of having some of our very own missionaries from Southeast Asia and Albania visit with us, as well as an Albanian pastor and his wife who came to be equipped at the Biblical Counseling Training Conference in Lafayette last week. Why do all of this? Religion? Piety? Not at all. It’s because the Gospel of Christ is the power of God unto salvation for all who will believe (Rom. 1:16). As we look at the book of Acts, we’ll see how God equipped Peter, Paul and others to proclaim the good news to others, and pray God will use our time to help us draw application for ourselves from the truth contained within God’s Word.

Want to prepare yourself in the Word? Read the book of Acts!  Whether you read the whole book or just in part, you'll see how the unstoppable Word of God spread far & wide, and continues to do so today even to people like us.

Finally, would you pray for me?  I'll be coming to you this week on the big screen while I'l traveling to a meeting with other Campus Pastors within our denomination.  Please pray for our times of worship & prayer together.  Pray this would be an opportunity to network with other like-minded church leaders who desire to reach new communities with the Gospel just like we do.  Pray God would have  me hear & learn from others who have done this longer than we have.  It would be great to learn from what God has and hasn't used in other churches so we can more effectively minister to those God brings us at GFC Newport.

I don't know what I don't know...but God does!  This brings me great joy, peace and hope for our new campus.  Thanks for being a part of it with me.  You are loved.

In Christ,

Pastor Peter
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