New Option for the Kiddies!

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As you know, for the past three weeks, we've brought older kids (ages 3 through 5th grade) in the worship service with us for our time of singing, and then parents have brought them to their Sunday School classes mid-service.  This is great, but comes with its unique set of challenges.

Take my family for example.  For the first 20-25 minutes of the service, our family takes up four seats.  After the singing, we take up 0 seats for about 5 minutes while Sarah brings our kids to Sunday School and I welcome people to the church.  And then, we take up 2 seats for the remainder of the service.  Multiply that scenario by the number of families like mine, and we're talking quite a bit of seats that are taken...kinda...but not really...well sorta for a little while...and then not (if you know what I mean).

Most guests arrive during the first 15-20 minutes of the service, so they get a false impression that seats are unavailable when they really are (or will be in a matter of minutes).  That combined with the "Excuse me - pardon me - ow, oh sorry - ha ha - Hey! How are you? - Coming through" that goes on as people enter the row before singing, exit the row after singing, and re-enter the row once again, makes for a less than ideal experience for some.

So here's the deal...starting this Sunday, we're offering Children's Sunday School for ALL KIDS (ages 0 through 5th grade) for the entire service.  If you'd prefer to drop your kids off in their Sunday School class from the get-go, have at it!  We'll have the classes staffed and ready to go at 10:15 AM if you want to drop them off before heading into the service.  Of course, if you'd still like to take them into the theater with you, that option is available for you as well.  However, I wanted to let you know of this recent change in case you find it more convenient to bring your kids to their classes earlier so you don't have to leave the theater mid-service.  Hope that makes sense.

Thanks for your patience, cooperation, and trust as we continue to work out kinks and learn what is best for all involved at GFC Newport.  See you on Sunday!

In Christ,

Pastor Peter

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