Right is Right

Moving to the right is right...when it comes to seating, of course.

There's this commercial out there floating around YouTube.  It goes like this:

There's a movie theater full of purposely stereotypical big, scary biker guys.  In the middle of all of the filled seats, there are two open seats for a couple.  Couple after couple leave the theater because there's no way they'd be willing to climb over these big, scary guys.  Of course, it's a prank. 

Let's not prank our visitors, intentionally or unintentionally.  Coming into a church can be big and scary.  Even if it's in a movie theater.  Let's not create any obstacles for folks desiring to join us for worship.  Move down to the right side of the theater so latecomers can sit on the left side.  And, fill the insides of the row.  Don't make it bigger and scarier than it already can feel.

Thanks to vistavision/flickr for the image.

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