From Pastor Peter 3/28/13

Dear Grace Family,

I'm excited to celebrate Easter with you for the very first time at GFC Newport!  Here are 7 things you can keep in mind as you prepare for and participate in our worship service this Sunday.

1.  Family Style Service this Sunday! - We're gonna do something a little different this Sunday, and keep kids age 5 & up with us in theater 10 for the whole service.  Have them join us for the special service and extra singing we'll do on this special Sunday.  Plus, I'm planning on carving out a portion of the service to personally share the Gospel with the kids (I'll call them down to the first two rows in the lower seating section), and we'll feature a new Gospel tract I found recently just for them.  I'll even give them some goodies.  I'm excited!  Bring 'em in with you (but feel free to check in kids & babies under 5 as we'd still love to have them in Nursery and Sunday School with us).

2.  Invite someone to join you – a personal invitation is the #1 reason that anyone visits a church service for the first time.  I'm praying for and personally inviting people  to join us on Sunday.  There's still time for you to do the same!  Want to send them a digital invite?  CLICK HERE to send them a link to our video that is below and on our Facebook page. 

3.  Be a Greeter – You may not have a name tag, but you're a greeter every Sunday, especially this one.  Historically, it's our high-attendance Sunday of the year.  Many people will visit many churches this Sunday.  How many of them will be in a movie theater?   Be warm and friendly before and after the service.  I can preach my heart out and the worship team can lift up Christ through powerful music, but if a guest feels cold and unwelcomed because no one spoke to them they probably won’t come back.  Let’s combine the power of God’s preached Word with the power and warmth of a simple spoken word of welcome through you.

4.  Arrive early – Try to arrive a bit earlier than usual, especially if you need to check-in the kiddies.  Remember, we only have one child check-in kiosk.

5.  Introduce yourself to people you don't know...and introduce them to me, too! - Sometimes people will meet guests in the theater, and then they'll introduce them to me at the door.  That's so helpful!  If you meet a new person, or brought a guest with you, please see me after the service.  I'd love to shake their hand and thank them for being with us.  Oh, and invite them to your Small Group, too.

6.  Fast and/or pray!  Remember one of our first times together how we recalled God working among us as we fasted and prayed for a location?  Well I'm doing that again on Good Friday.  Consider praying & fasting with me for God to be glorified in every aspect of our worship service on this special weekend, and pray God would change hearts and lives for His glory.

7.  Read Luke 24 – read through the resurrection account in Luke 24 this weekend to get the ‘juices’ flowing for you between now and Easter.

Again, I hope to celebrate many more Easter Sundays with you...but there will only ever be one "first."  I trust we'll remember this for a long time, and look forward to worshiping with you in a few days.

See you then,


From Pastor Peter 3/22/2013

Dear Grace Family,
I'm looking forward to being back with you once again!  What's more, I won't be going anywhere for awhile now as I'm not scheduled to preach, travel, or otherwise miss out on worshiping with you for two straight months! That's a big deal for me because, while I'm thankful for opportunities to preach at our Florence campus, there's no place like what has quickly become home for me, GFC Newport (popcorn smell and all). {;-)

Our worship service this Sunday will be a special one that focuses very much on an event central to our faith, at the very core of the Gospel: Jesus' death on the cross for sinners like us.  It will be a time of extended worship & praise to our God, and focusing on the price He willingly paid on Calvary's tree.  Jesus Christ left the glory of heaven to be a wrath-absorbing sacrifice for sinners.  By His stripes, we are healed.  By His death, we have life.  That's what we'll spend our time focusing on this Sunday.


Easter promo cards will be available to you as you enter theater 10 this weekend, and there will be extras on the counter near Guest Reception.  It's always great to invite people to church, but especially helpful on holidays when some are more willing to visit than they are on other Sundays.  Consider giving a few away at work, school, to a neighbor or friend, or link them to our Easter Info Page and see if they'll take advantage of the opportunity to hear the life-changing message of our risen Savior.

See you on Sunday,

Pastor Peter


Serving one another is what we've been called to do. "For you have been called... to serve one another in love" (Galatians 5:13). God has provided creative ways to serve one another on Sundays and throughout the week. There is an area of ministry that would be perfect for you.

Let us know HERE where you are interested in serving.

Thank you!

From Pastor Peter 3/15/13

Dear Grace Family,
Thanks again!
I just wanted to reiterate what I said earlier this week about how much I enjoyed our 2nd “Mammoth Meetup” last week.  Thanks for joining me at Mammoth Café and helping to make that hangout so much fun.  What a great turnout we had!  Couldn’t make it?  No worries.  We’ll definitely have more things like that, especially as winter comes to a close and we start to see the sun a bit more.  If you haven’t already done so, read all about it here
I hope you’ve enjoyed feasting on the big picture of what the Bible’s all about as much as I have!  Every time I do this I find myself saying,“Oh, man, the Bible is good!”  You don’t want to miss this Sunday, as we will get to the final climax and raucous celebration in the book of Revelation!
Start praying now about who you can invite to join us for our first Easter service at GFC Newport.  It’s just two weeks away, and will be a great time of celebrating our Lord’s resurrection and victory over the grave.  Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of your invitation since the #1 reason anyone attends a church service for the first time is a because of a personal invitation they received.  Since we’ve launched, we’ve had people visit us resulting from every form of advertising and promotion we’ve done…but the most common one by far & away continues to be word of mouth.  May God use us to continue to invite people to hear about our wonderful Savior and a message of life-changing hope!
Welcome Team of One
Mark & Mary Sprague are caring for our official Welcome Team (thank you both!).  However, I wanted to thank you for the great job everyone is doing when it comes to welcoming our guests, regardless of whether or not you’re wearing a nametag.  Keep up the great work!  Look for new faces, people carrying popcorn boxes from Guest Reception, or people who look a bit confused.  Introduce yourself, offer help, get down on one knee & give a kid a fist-bump or a high five, and love people.  Guests tell me constantly how welcomed they feel by everyone at our church, so I pray God continues to bless us with the grace to continue to love others in that way.
Have a great weekend!
In Christ,

Pastor Peter

Communion at Newport

Communion isn't a ritual for the sake of rituals.  It's not just "something we do."  Celebrating the Lord's Supper is a biblical ordinance that offers us the opportunity to pause and remember together the most central event to our entire faith; Jesus Christ's sacrificial death on the cross for sinners like us.

This past Sunday, we celebrated Communion together for the very first time at GFC Newport.

The procession to the tables, row by row was solemn, but not morose.  It was beautiful seeing who God had brought to Newport to worship Him...and celebrate the Lord's Supper together.  A procession of the people He had called to spiritual life, and brought to this campus over the past few months.

Ours is a faith that remembers and celebrates - yes, celebrates the death of our Savior because of what was accomplished as a result - our salvation.  What's more, death did not defeat our Lord, but He rose victorious on the third day, which we'll celebrate together in a short time on Easter Sunday.

Thanks for being here with us.  Thanks for remembering, celebrating, and worshiping together.

Just wait 'til Easter.

This.  Changes.  Everything.

Making much of Him with you,

Pastor Peter

Be a Part of the Team: Logistics

We got to grab Bryan Dorsey, a member of the logistics team, for a little Q&A.  Thinking of serving on this team?  Well, Bryan shares all of the details below, along with some of the breakfast, and of course, fellowship.  What else could someone want?!  Ok, we'll let Bryan share now.

+ What does a typical Sunday morning look like for you at Newport?

We get there around 8:00a and gather for prayer and announcements. We then divide into different groups and get to work in setting up the theater and lobby. Everyone on the logistics team is equipped to help in all areas of set up and tear down, but for the most part we serve in similar positions each week. There's a team that sets up the lighting, a team for the pipe & drape (located at the top of the seats), a team for the stage, children's theaters, and welcome area. Once everything is in place (around 9:00, the same time the worship team starts to practice), we eat breakfast!

A few minutes after the service is over, we begin to tear down. It's a quick and efficient process, and everything is usually finished within 45 minutes. I love being a part of it.

+ Out of all of the areas in which to serve, what made you choose to help in this way? 

I like being able to serve in a tangible way. I would prefer to serve behind the scenes, and this has been a way for me to meet and connect with new people in the process. It's helped this new place become my church home in a really cool way. I like being able to help set things up as a foundation for the others that come in later and make it easier for them to serve in the way they do best.

+ What is your favorite part about serving on the logistics team?

I love serving alongside people that I am already living life with, and I like seeing people from my small group. It's given me the opportunity to connect with others that I might not have otherwise. I get to help prepare a place of worship where people will come and hear the name of Jesus being proclaimed. One of my favorite parts is when we're finished setting up and we share a meal together. There's coffee and breakfast provided for our team by someone from the church every week, and it's just a nice way to get ready to worship together.

+ What else would you tell someone thinking of helping out on the team?

There's something for everyone when it comes to getting connected. Helping in this way has been such a tangible picture of the body of Christ serving together, and an easy way to meet more people as we grow.

Want to join this team?  Reach out to andrewcaudill[at]graceky[dot]org.

Here's Bryan and his sweet wife Fran.
Say hi to him at Newport if you see him!


Come out to Grace Fellowship Church Newport on Easter, if you haven't already.  Of course, you're welcome any Sunday.  If you're coming out for the first time, check out details here.  Otherwise, shoot us a Facebook message or call the office with questions at (859)371.7880.

Want to see more?  Here's a 90 second video on why Easter matters.

Mammoth Meetup: Thanks for Coming!

After being away from GFC Newport for two Sundays in a row, I was staaaah-vin for some hang time. We threw together another "Mammoth Meetup" at Mammoth Café, and we packed the place out!

It sure was a great day to hang out...and some of you grabbed the seats outside.

We all had a great time, and the owners were thrilled to get the extra business and exposure. Thanks for hanging. Can't wait for the next one!


From Pastor Peter 08-Mar-2013

Dear Grace Family,

Thanks for praying for me while I was away at a meeting with other Campus Pastors within our denomination!  It was a great time of networking, sharing ideas, and learning from one another. It was great to be able to share what God is doing at GFC Newport even in our infancy.

Another "Mammoth Meetup!"

I've truly missed being with you these past two Sundays!  Sooooooo...wanna hang out?  Yes, I'm serious.  I'm heading out to eat at one of my favorite Newport hangouts after church this Sunday, Mammoth Cafe, and thought it might be fun to pack out the joint together. :)  It's just two blocks away from the Levee at 515 Monmouth Street.  Great coffees, teas, and a nice lunch menu (sandwiches, panini, muffins, scones...all that jazz).  I recommend the Chicken Salad w/ Walnuts & Grapes, or the "Bootlegger" but hey...whatever floats your boat.  Oh, and the fine folks at Mammoth Cafe have agreed to discount your orders this Sunday (especially great for families).  Bring in your sermon outline and get $2 off $15+ orders, and $5 off $20+ orders.  Come by for lunch or just a quick cup of something on your way home.  Hope to see you there!

Daylight Savings Time

Ugh...bad news.  It's "that weekend" again where we lose an hour of sleep. {:-(  Don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour before you go to bed on Saturday night.  As your Campus Pastor, I'll try my best to get that hour back for you come Fall.  (Yes, I say that or a similar joke every year.)

Help us serve the kiddies!

Looks like we have a need in Children's Ministry coming up.  Could you give us a Sunday or two each month and help us out?  We'll even give you a snazzy name tag and everything.  Click here for details, and let me or Kate know if you have questions.  Thanks for considering!

Sermon + our first Communion Sunday!

This Sunday and the next we’ll jump into an overview of the 21 epistles or letters to the churches that follow the books of Acts, because these letters are the best explanation of what God has done for us – and how this redemption should impact every aspect of our lives.  So in the next two weeks we'll look in summary at the overall ‘gist’ of each one of the 21 epistles in the NT.

Also this Sunday, we'll be sharing Communion together for the first time at GFC Newport!  I'm excited to remember & celebrate what our Savior did for His beloved by sharing the Lord's Supper together.  Consider reading through 1 Cor. 11:23ff to help prepare your heart and mind for this special time together.  I'm looking forward to it.

See you Sunday!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Peter

Be Part of a Team: Children's Ministry

We currently need a teacher in the Elementary classroom, starting as soon as possible.

You'd be a part of a team of four teachers in a classroom (ahem, theater) that is divided into small groups of Kindergarten through 2nd grade and 3rd through 5th grade. We are on a 3 week rotation and each Sunday a team works together doing story, crafts, snack and video-led kids worship.  

So, you'd serve once every three weeks.  When you're serving, you receive a copy of the sermon so that you can listen later on Sunday.

What an opportunity to share truth about the Gospel with these Elementary schoolers!  We do this through a Bible story using the Generations of Grace curriculum that is available to all our teachers either online or using your own personal lesson binder.

"Serving in the children's ministry is my favorite Sunday...I only do it every third Sunday, but seriously, it's such a blessing to me and I really look forward to it." - Children's Ministry Volunteer

Email Katiezuerner[at]graceky[dot]org with questions, or if you are interested in serving God through teaching.
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