From Pastor Peter 3/15/13

Dear Grace Family,
Thanks again!
I just wanted to reiterate what I said earlier this week about how much I enjoyed our 2nd “Mammoth Meetup” last week.  Thanks for joining me at Mammoth CafĂ© and helping to make that hangout so much fun.  What a great turnout we had!  Couldn’t make it?  No worries.  We’ll definitely have more things like that, especially as winter comes to a close and we start to see the sun a bit more.  If you haven’t already done so, read all about it here
I hope you’ve enjoyed feasting on the big picture of what the Bible’s all about as much as I have!  Every time I do this I find myself saying,“Oh, man, the Bible is good!”  You don’t want to miss this Sunday, as we will get to the final climax and raucous celebration in the book of Revelation!
Start praying now about who you can invite to join us for our first Easter service at GFC Newport.  It’s just two weeks away, and will be a great time of celebrating our Lord’s resurrection and victory over the grave.  Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of your invitation since the #1 reason anyone attends a church service for the first time is a because of a personal invitation they received.  Since we’ve launched, we’ve had people visit us resulting from every form of advertising and promotion we’ve done…but the most common one by far & away continues to be word of mouth.  May God use us to continue to invite people to hear about our wonderful Savior and a message of life-changing hope!
Welcome Team of One
Mark & Mary Sprague are caring for our official Welcome Team (thank you both!).  However, I wanted to thank you for the great job everyone is doing when it comes to welcoming our guests, regardless of whether or not you’re wearing a nametag.  Keep up the great work!  Look for new faces, people carrying popcorn boxes from Guest Reception, or people who look a bit confused.  Introduce yourself, offer help, get down on one knee & give a kid a fist-bump or a high five, and love people.  Guests tell me constantly how welcomed they feel by everyone at our church, so I pray God continues to bless us with the grace to continue to love others in that way.
Have a great weekend!
In Christ,

Pastor Peter

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