Be a Part of the Team: Logistics

We got to grab Bryan Dorsey, a member of the logistics team, for a little Q&A.  Thinking of serving on this team?  Well, Bryan shares all of the details below, along with some of the breakfast, and of course, fellowship.  What else could someone want?!  Ok, we'll let Bryan share now.

+ What does a typical Sunday morning look like for you at Newport?

We get there around 8:00a and gather for prayer and announcements. We then divide into different groups and get to work in setting up the theater and lobby. Everyone on the logistics team is equipped to help in all areas of set up and tear down, but for the most part we serve in similar positions each week. There's a team that sets up the lighting, a team for the pipe & drape (located at the top of the seats), a team for the stage, children's theaters, and welcome area. Once everything is in place (around 9:00, the same time the worship team starts to practice), we eat breakfast!

A few minutes after the service is over, we begin to tear down. It's a quick and efficient process, and everything is usually finished within 45 minutes. I love being a part of it.

+ Out of all of the areas in which to serve, what made you choose to help in this way? 

I like being able to serve in a tangible way. I would prefer to serve behind the scenes, and this has been a way for me to meet and connect with new people in the process. It's helped this new place become my church home in a really cool way. I like being able to help set things up as a foundation for the others that come in later and make it easier for them to serve in the way they do best.

+ What is your favorite part about serving on the logistics team?

I love serving alongside people that I am already living life with, and I like seeing people from my small group. It's given me the opportunity to connect with others that I might not have otherwise. I get to help prepare a place of worship where people will come and hear the name of Jesus being proclaimed. One of my favorite parts is when we're finished setting up and we share a meal together. There's coffee and breakfast provided for our team by someone from the church every week, and it's just a nice way to get ready to worship together.

+ What else would you tell someone thinking of helping out on the team?

There's something for everyone when it comes to getting connected. Helping in this way has been such a tangible picture of the body of Christ serving together, and an easy way to meet more people as we grow.

Want to join this team?  Reach out to andrewcaudill[at]graceky[dot]org.

Here's Bryan and his sweet wife Fran.
Say hi to him at Newport if you see him!

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