Communion at Newport

Communion isn't a ritual for the sake of rituals.  It's not just "something we do."  Celebrating the Lord's Supper is a biblical ordinance that offers us the opportunity to pause and remember together the most central event to our entire faith; Jesus Christ's sacrificial death on the cross for sinners like us.

This past Sunday, we celebrated Communion together for the very first time at GFC Newport.

The procession to the tables, row by row was solemn, but not morose.  It was beautiful seeing who God had brought to Newport to worship Him...and celebrate the Lord's Supper together.  A procession of the people He had called to spiritual life, and brought to this campus over the past few months.

Ours is a faith that remembers and celebrates - yes, celebrates the death of our Savior because of what was accomplished as a result - our salvation.  What's more, death did not defeat our Lord, but He rose victorious on the third day, which we'll celebrate together in a short time on Easter Sunday.

Thanks for being here with us.  Thanks for remembering, celebrating, and worshiping together.

Just wait 'til Easter.

This.  Changes.  Everything.

Making much of Him with you,

Pastor Peter
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