From Pastor Peter 3/28/13

Dear Grace Family,

I'm excited to celebrate Easter with you for the very first time at GFC Newport!  Here are 7 things you can keep in mind as you prepare for and participate in our worship service this Sunday.

1.  Family Style Service this Sunday! - We're gonna do something a little different this Sunday, and keep kids age 5 & up with us in theater 10 for the whole service.  Have them join us for the special service and extra singing we'll do on this special Sunday.  Plus, I'm planning on carving out a portion of the service to personally share the Gospel with the kids (I'll call them down to the first two rows in the lower seating section), and we'll feature a new Gospel tract I found recently just for them.  I'll even give them some goodies.  I'm excited!  Bring 'em in with you (but feel free to check in kids & babies under 5 as we'd still love to have them in Nursery and Sunday School with us).

2.  Invite someone to join you – a personal invitation is the #1 reason that anyone visits a church service for the first time.  I'm praying for and personally inviting people  to join us on Sunday.  There's still time for you to do the same!  Want to send them a digital invite?  CLICK HERE to send them a link to our video that is below and on our Facebook page. 

3.  Be a Greeter – You may not have a name tag, but you're a greeter every Sunday, especially this one.  Historically, it's our high-attendance Sunday of the year.  Many people will visit many churches this Sunday.  How many of them will be in a movie theater?   Be warm and friendly before and after the service.  I can preach my heart out and the worship team can lift up Christ through powerful music, but if a guest feels cold and unwelcomed because no one spoke to them they probably won’t come back.  Let’s combine the power of God’s preached Word with the power and warmth of a simple spoken word of welcome through you.

4.  Arrive early – Try to arrive a bit earlier than usual, especially if you need to check-in the kiddies.  Remember, we only have one child check-in kiosk.

5.  Introduce yourself to people you don't know...and introduce them to me, too! - Sometimes people will meet guests in the theater, and then they'll introduce them to me at the door.  That's so helpful!  If you meet a new person, or brought a guest with you, please see me after the service.  I'd love to shake their hand and thank them for being with us.  Oh, and invite them to your Small Group, too.

6.  Fast and/or pray!  Remember one of our first times together how we recalled God working among us as we fasted and prayed for a location?  Well I'm doing that again on Good Friday.  Consider praying & fasting with me for God to be glorified in every aspect of our worship service on this special weekend, and pray God would change hearts and lives for His glory.

7.  Read Luke 24 – read through the resurrection account in Luke 24 this weekend to get the ‘juices’ flowing for you between now and Easter.

Again, I hope to celebrate many more Easter Sundays with you...but there will only ever be one "first."  I trust we'll remember this for a long time, and look forward to worshiping with you in a few days.

See you then,


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