From Pastor Peter 4/5/2013

Dear Grace Family,

I’m excited to open the Word with you this weekend!  We’ve got one more message in our “What’s The Bible All About?” series.  

I want to take this time to speak to you about how you might read & apply the Bible in your everyday life.  God-willing, the sermon will be broken up into three parts as we look at what the Bible is, why we should read it, and how we might go about it.  

Whether you’re an avid reader of the Bible several times each day or have yet to really crack it open outside of church, I hope God encourages & equips you from His Word during our time together this Sunday.

We’ll look at several different verses together, but I’ll spend a good amount of time walking through two key verses in 2 Tim. 3:16,17.  

Meditate on those verses, or read the whole book of 2 Timothy a few times between now & Sunday (it’s only 4 chapters long). 

See you then!

In Christ,

Pastor Peter

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