Serving in Small Group: Meals

We're kicking off a series on serving in Small Group here on the blog.  We'll have a few guest posts, some encouragement, some crazy stories and well, some ways for you to jump in and be blessed by being a blessing to those in your small group.  Please hop on over to the Facebook page and let us know of situations where you've done what we're talking about, and how you were blessed.  So, without further ado, here's a guest post from Lauren, a small groupie (is that a word?!) at Newport.

Hello!  I'm Lauren and I'm here to share a great way to show love to those in your small group by bringing a meal.

I have been blessed countless times by the people in my small group bringing a meal to my family. After each child I have had, a large group of people has brought meals to my house and sometimes enjoyed the meal with us.  It's a sweet time of letting someone else hold the baby while I eat with both hands! Making meals for the people in my small group has helped me get to know them, and they are so grateful that I feel like the one being blessed. Meals are helpful whether it's for someone with a new baby, a new home, someone who has experienced a loss, or just because making a meal lets a family know how much you care and is a tangible way of coming alongside one another.  
Yep...there can be some uneasiness in bringing a meal to a family you don't know that well. What if they don't like it? What if they are vegetarians or can't tolerate gluten?

I've been there, but don't fret! There is a helpful website called that you can use to help schedule the meals, remind people of the date they signed up for, and it even has a section about food allergies, likes and dislikes.  You only need to ask a few questions to make the scheduling and meal-making worry-free.
So begin by asking:

  • How long would meals be a blessing to your family? 2 weeks, 4 weeks, etc.
  • How frequently would you prefer the meals?  Every day, every other day, only weekdays?
  • Does your family have any food allergies?
  • Is there anything your family doesn't eat?
  • What is your favorite take-out place? And what would you order?
  • When is the preferred time of drop-off?
Once you have complied the answers, head on over to and create a free account. They even have a blog with meal ideas! The website is super easy to use. When you have filled out the information, it's a cinch to email it to others in your small group...or put a link up on Facebook. The site sends a reminder to those who have signed up and that's it!  In 10 minutes you can create a plan and spread the word about how to bless a family in your small group!

And as a bonus, here's a super easy dinner idea here is my Chicken Pot Pie recipe: (it's nothing fancy but totally looks homemade!)

2-3 cooked chicken breasts, cubed or shredded
1 C. Milk
2 cans of Cream of Potato Soup
1 small bag of mixed veggies (peas, carrots, green bean, corn etc.)
1 box refrigerated pie crust

Let pie crust sit on counter for 20 minutes. Mix milk and soup in a medium sized bowl. Add chicken and veggies. Season with salt and pepper or Nature's Seasonings. Unroll one pie crust into a pie dish and fill with filling. Place the second pie crust on top and crimp the edges. Slit the top for steam to escape. Place the pot pie on a foil lined baking sheet to catch the bubbly goodness.
You can bake it at 375º for 45 minutes or if your're delivering it in the early afternoon, just include the baking instructions and they can have it hot out of their oven!

(That's a picture of Lauren's Chicken Pot Pie above...looks delicious, right?  She promises it is easy.  Try it out...and bring it to a small groupie that would be blessed (who wouldn't?!) and let us know how it went, here.) 
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