A Newport Kid-Friendly Coffee Refuge: Mammoth Coffee

Hi friends! It’s just me – Melissa. And I have a confession. When I wrote here last about my Sunday mornings, I made two mistakes.

First, I mentioned that there is a Graeter’s on Monmouth Street, next to Strong’s Brick Oven Pizza. This, you probably already know, is a giant lie. Who lies about ice cream? Crazy ladies who assume that a Graeter’s sign indicates Graeter’s ice cream, that’s who. In the case of the charming brick building on Monmouth Street, however, a Graeter’s sign indicates a hamburger joint. Forgive me. Next time I’ll peek in the window before I go assuming.

My second mistake was neglecting to tell you about the near-disaster of taking my children to the second story coffee place right there on the Levee. Feeling the lure of a double dirty chai latte one Sunday morning, I headed for the “up” escalator with all four of my little ones charging on ahead. On our way back down, I watched, horrified, as my three year old tumbled down the first several escalator steps (stopping there unfazed to sit a spell, thankfully, for the remainder of the descent) while my daughter stood behind me at the top, rooted to the spot, refusing to follow the rest of us down (and who can blame her, with all of that chaos happening below?).  The latte was terrific, but the panic of taking four homeschooled and [possibly] neurotically sheltered children down an escalator was just too much. I see that we will need to add “street smarts” to our curriculum, but we’ll start small.

In the following weeks, I have stopped at Mammoth Coffee. It turns out that every coffee place does a dirty chai, but not every place requires that you connect your toddler to your person with one of those bungee animal backpacks.

And – get ready for this, mamas! – Mammoth has a play area. It’s almost as if they .. welcome children? Can it be?! An entire shelf of books, puzzles, dolls, and an Etch a Sketch with one functioning knob. Instead of taking my drink and dashing off, we go a little early and sit a spell, enjoying Grace Fellowship Church Newport’s late-ish start time, the Bible app on my phone, and the town coming to life.

We have made the Mammoth stop several times now, and I have tried different caffeinated concoctions, never leaving disappointed. I watch fit people jogging in, stopping for egg whites and a skinny latte. Usually, I see a familiar face from church, eating breakfast or grabbing coffee to go. The kids argue over who gets the good Etch a Sketch knob and we arrive at church unscathed by that bothersome escalator.

Give Mammoth a try if you haven’t already. And maybe consider checking out some of the other restaurants open for breakfast along Monmouth. Let us know if you come across one that you like by telling us about it over on our Facebook page. Bonus points if they have a toy shelf.

Pictures and post from Grace Fellowship Church I Newport goer Melissa Talbert.  She blogs over here, in case you'd like to check out some of her other musings.
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