From Pastor Peter 5/31/13

Dear Grace Family,

We’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

I trust you just read that exactly as it sounded in my head. {;-)
Let’s face it.  Work is work, and vacation is vacation.  We love taking a family vacation.  However, while it always seems that vaca flies by and it would be fun to have just the proverbial “one more day,” I’m thankful to be part of a church that I genuinely miss worshiping with and look forward to coming home to.  I’m thankful to what God is doing among us, and glad to be part of it with you.

This Sunday

We continue our journey through the book of Romans together as Ryan Fultz opens the word for us, preaching Romans 2:17-29.  Consider reading through Romans 2 a few times before coming to church on Sunday.
Also – don’t forget to consider reading a chapter in Romans each day in addition to whatever you’re currently reading in your times with the Lord.  I’ve loved taking times to read books of the Bible repeatedly over the years, and have really grown from becoming very acquainted with what God has had to say through different writers.  You will be blessed to do that in Romans, so think about adding that to your spiritual diet.  You’ll not regret it.

Cross the Bridge For Life

I’m looking forward to representing GFC Newport the 2013 Cross the Bridge for Life event this Sunday!  It’s an annual event held right in our backyard at the World Peace Bell and the Purple People Bridge.  It’s an opportunity to get together with likeminded people who also value the Sanctity of Human Life, particularly as it related to the unborn.  Everyone starts at the World Peace Bell, a bunch of us speak for a few minutes each (representing different organizations, ministries, etc.), and then we walk across the Purple People Bridge together showing our love for the unborn in so doing.  Consider stopping by for a while, and perhaps walking across the bridge with us!  Regardless of whether you come or not, please pray that I would steward well the time I’m given to speak, and would honor Christ and encourage those in attendance that day.  I’m looking forward to it!

New babies!

A few weeks ago we were blessed to be able to acknowledge and recognize some of the littlest additions to our church body.  More have arrived since then!  Please join me in welcoming Violet Abigail Gautraud (born to Kevin & Sharayah on 23-May), and  Charlie Walker Gautraud (born to David & Megan on 27-May).  They’re being well taken care of by their Small Groups and families, but if you’d like to join in blessing them with a meal as well, do so for Kevin & Sharayah HERE, and David & Megan HERE.
See you on Sunday!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Peter
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