Not Look Back: Response to "Why I'm Glad Paul Couldn't Get to Rome"

Meet Vinny Nizzo (pictured above).  Ey-o.  Is that Italian enough for you?!  {;-)  He goes to our old church back in New York City.  Quick story...

We led a home Bible study that he didn't attend at the time, but his sweet wife, Josie, did.  We prayed God would save Vinny, and then God called us to move to Kentucky.  Not long afterward, we received word that God saved him!

Now Vinny (a.k.a. "Niz") loves Jesus, is a Deacon, serves the Lord and His people in multiple ways, and (get ready for this) writes great poems that I get emailed to me every week.  

He emailed me earlier this week with this one in response to what he read in my post last week entitled, "Why I'm Glad Paul Couldn't Get to Rome."  I hope it stirs you as it did me.

God bless,

Pastor Peter

Not Look Back

You have brought me many places
Through Your sovereign will
I never really took the time
To listen and be still
Nor was I fully aware
Of a plan You had for me
Till You called out  my name
Opened my eyes to see
My self wants to look back
See where I have been
Though it be just an image
Of me mired in my sin
Lord keep me focused
So that I will always know
It is not where I think I should be
But where You need me to go….

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