From Pastor Peter 6/14/13

Dear Grace Family,

This Sunday!

You'll see me this Sunday, but I'll not see you.  That's not as creepy as it sounds, actually. I just have to preach one more weekend at Florence so you'll be catching my sermon on the big screen this weekend. {;-)

Our text this week has been referred to as "the chief paragraph in all of Scripture" by Martin Luther.  

Leon Morris says it's "the single most important paragraph ever written."

John Piper says these are "the most important words in the Bible."

I hope I can show you why when we worship together on Sunday, but feel free to figure it out on your own by preparing yourself in the Word by reading through Rom. 3:21-26 between now & then.  You won't regret it.

Next Sunday, 23-Jun - Business Meeting & Lunch in the Park

As I've mentioned before, our family is planning on walking across the Purple People Bridge, hanging a right, finding a cumfy piece of grass, and eating lunch in Sawyer's Point next week after church next Sunday.  Unfortunately, the church Business Meeting ended up being scheduled on the same day as our lunch in the park (phooey).

Church Business Meetings are important decision-making times for people at all GFC campuses.  This one in particular, however, has only one item on the agenda requiring a vote, and that is the addition and removal of members (there will also be a financial update given).  Seeing that this is the only time we'll be able to hold our lunch in the park for quite some time due to scheduling conflicts in the weeks ahead, and since the Business Meeting only has one item on the agenda requiring a vote, we decided to not postpone the lunch plans we made.  Obviously, people can feel free to go to either event, both event, (or neither event).  As for me and mine, we'll be eating our lunch in the park as planned on what will hopefully be a beautiful, sunny, Summer day, and look forward to a good time with whoever is able to join us.

Eh, we're all learning.  This is the first Business Meeting we've scheduled since we've had two campuses.  In the future, we'll certainly consider better options for handling Church Business together.

Have a great weekend.  Looking forward to being back with you next Sunday

Love in Christ,


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