From Pastor Peter 6/21/13

Dear Grace Family,

There's No Place Like Home
I've enjoyed being with our church family at the Florence Campus these past two weeks, but I've missed being with you and am looking forward to returning home, to GFC Newport as we gather together to worship.  I'm excited to be preaching live this Sunday, picking up where we left off last week and looking at the end of Romans 3, specifically Rom. 3:25b-31.  In these verses, I hope to show you the primary reason Christ died, and the first person God had in mind as He sent His only Son to bear the wrath of His people.  Much has been said, written, debated, and preached on in answering the question "For Whom Did Christ Die?"  The Bible has answers, many of which are provided in Romans, and Paul may take a perspective this week you weren't expecting.  If you want to prepare yourself in the Word, take a look at Rom. 3:21-31, and we'll focus on the latter portion of that text together when we meet on Sunday.

Picnic in the Park!
Our family is planning on eating lunch in Sawyer Point Park after church on Sunday!  We're not sure exactly where, but our plan is to walk across the Purple People Bridge, hang a right, and look for a piece of grass to throw a blanket down and enjoy a sandwich (I'll also tweet where we end up in case you want to catch up with us).  We hope you'll consider joining us.  Bring some lunch with you in a cooler or grab a sandwich from a local store and meet us over there.  There's a really cool playground for the kids to enjoy underneath the "Big Mac" bridge, so we'll probably look to eat over there.  Hope to see you there!  (Hey...bring a baseball glove.  Maybe we'll play some catch.)

Church Business Meeting
There will also be a Church Business Meeting this Sunday at the Florence Campus.  New Members will be voted on, and a financial report will be given.  The meeting will begin at 12:45 PM.

Save the Date - Wed, July 17th, @ 7 PM
GFC Newport has been around for just under 6 months now.  I want to take an opportunity to hold a Forum of our own, and to let you know all that God is doing among us.

  • How many guests have visited GFC Newport since we've started?  Where are most of them coming from?
  • Did you know we're planning on birthing one of our Small Groups in Cincinnati in the Fall?
  • Will we have a baptism of our own?
  • How can we better schedule "all-campus" events like the Business Meetings?
  • What's the plan for our current meeting place at the AMC Movie Theaters - long-term home or bridge to something else?
  • What type of outreach plans are in the works?

I'll look to provide answers to these questions and whatever else you may be wondering at this meeting (I'll also give a financial report like the one being shared at Florence this weekend, since I know many of you will be eating lunch with us in the park).  More details coming soon as we secure the best possible meeting space for our time together, but keep watching our Facebook page, Twitter, and blog for posts between now and then that will hopefully whet your appetite for a great time in a few weeks.  Oh, and speaking of appetite, I'll feed you something, too.  {;-)

It's no mistake that you are part of GFC Newport for such a time as this.  Oftentimes as I pray throughout the week, it is with a glad and grateful heart that you are among us as we continue to blaze this trail together, learn as we go, and follow the leading of our great, sovereign God as we walk faithfully with Him.  I love being your Pastor, and am so glad you're part of this exciting new work of God for His glory.

See you at church...and in the park for lunch afterward!

Love in Christ,

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