From Pastor Peter 6/28/2013

Dear Grace Family,

Good Times at Sawyer Point!

About 3 dozen people enjoy a picnic and some fun in the sun.  The kids had some fun on the playground, and a bunch of us got to do one of my favorite catch. :)  Thanks so much for joining us!  If you weren't able to make it, I hope to see you the next time we hang out like that.

This Sunday - Concert of Prayer

Grace Fellowship Church holds concerts, but we do them a bit differently than others.  Instead of everyone seated watching a band or group up front, everyone joins in together to sing and pray together to our "Audience of One," our great God.  Come to church ready to sing, pray, and hear other members of our church family do the same.  Next week, we'll jump back into our sermon series through the book of Romans.

Do you read our blog?

I hope so.  I'm looking forward to using it in a bit of a different way in an effort to bring my submarine to the surface.  Huh?  What?  If you're thoroughly confused, click HERE to see what I'm talking about.  {;-)  If you're not a regular reader of the blog, consider starting!  Whenever we post an update, we let folks know on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

I'll miss being with you this Sunday as our family will be attending an out-of-town wedding that will prevent us from getting back in time to worship at GFC Newport.  I look forward to worshiping with you again next Sunday.

Have a great weekend!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Peter
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