10 Reasons You Should Come to the GFC Newport Forum Tonight

Psst...forum details are here.

Here we go...

10.  You'll hear about a great, GREAT meeting I had w/ Dennis Knight of the Newport Salvation Army yesterday, and how we might be able to partner with them this Fall.

9.  You'll take in a breathtaking view of the Ohio River that may or may not look like this.

8.  You'll find out what's inside this mysterious black bag.

7.  You'll get free Starbucks Coffee.

6. You'll hear "Newport By The Numbers" and find out where God has been drawing people from since we've started.

5.  You'll get little cheesecake thingys.

4.  I'll give you a brief 2013 YTD financial report.

3.  You'll get to see the huge room God blessed us with as a Small Group meeting place this past year.  Thank you Daymar College!

2.  You'll get to talk pros & cons about our meeting place, and talk a bit about what we think our long-term plan is regarding our meeting space.

And the #1 reason to come out to the Forum tonight...

1.  We'll leave thankful for what the Lord has done among us and excited for what He has in store for us next.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

God bless,

Pastor Peter 

(all pictures licensed through creative commons)
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