Blessed by Serving: Children's Ministry

Looking around at our campus, there are a variety of ways to do outreach…even within the walls of our theater on Sunday morning.  Serving in Children’s ministry may not be glamorous, but it sure is beneficial to both the children, and to those serving.  We’ll let a couple that has served faithfully in the Children’s ministry tell you how beneficial it has been.

Eli and I have served in children’s ministry for several years now, and boy, do we have stories - some good, some bad, and some funny!

To be perfectly honest, some Sunday mornings we feel too tired to deal with 15 three and four year olds, we don’t feel prepared with the best and coolest crafts and activities. 

Despite these very real struggles, I can’t think of a single week where we didn’t walk away feeling blessed in some way.  

Sometimes it can be the smallest thing, such as a shy child who finally says something to you in their quiet voice after months of absolutely no talking, or a funny comment about how they are hoping to see “muh-maids” on their beach vacation. 

Most times, it’s not only the kids who we are blessed by, but also the other adults helping to serve.  

I have personally been encouraged by watching other workers show up week after week with a smile on their face, even if they have just delivered a baby two weeks before, or their kids are sick at home, or they have had an exceptionally rough morning.  

Sometimes, I look at someone and think, “How are they here?  I could never do that,” but it is such a huge testimony to the fact that despite our circumstances, God is faithful, and we are blessed when we humble ourselves and serve Him.  It is an incredible encouragement watching others serve alongside you, and you would be surprised with how easy it is to bond with someone over animal crackers and coloring pages. 

Even though serving in children’s ministry at Newport means you have to miss the service that week, it doesn’t mean you walk away without God teaching you in some way.  Just this past Sunday, the lesson was about God’s provision for the Israelites after they had fled Egypt.  Since we’re with the three and four year olds, we have to break it down into very simple concepts that they can understand and hopefully remember.  That means emphasizing important points over and over and asking the same question in multiple ways.  We told them how God fed the Israelites manna every day.  We asked them if that was hard or easy for God to do.  We asked them if God provides for us. We stressed the fact that God was unhappy with the Israelites complaining.  We asked them if God likes it when we complain.  We told them how God loves us and wants us to trust him. 

That night, I found myself complaining to God about certain aspects of my life - something I believe I’ve been doing quite frequently.  All of a sudden I heard my own very happy and animated voice asking, “Does God like it when we complain!?”  And I heard the chorus of small voices, “Nooooo!” Needless to say, I was convicted.  Here I had thought I was teaching the kids, when quite frankly, God was teaching me too. 

I wish I could tell you that serving in children’s ministry is a complete breeze - free from all pee accidents and disobedient children.  While both of those things do happen, they are certainly not the norm.  There are far more good and funny things that happen, and I can tell you with certainty, that you will be blessed! 

Say hello and thanks to Eli and Eliza Liske when you see them!  

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