Celebrating Vacation Bible School

"One church, many locations."

That's what we mean when we say Grace Fellowship Church is a multisite church.

As God continues to lead GFC in reaching others through our multisite ministry strategy, we can look forward to celebrating what God is doing "church-wide."  GFC Florence celebrated with us as we started Small Groups, left there, and came here to Newport.  As I run into people from our Florence campus, they always ask me about what God is doing at GFC Newport, and I'm happy to tell them how are Sunday services are going, the people God is bringing to us, and all I'm excited about in the days ahead.  Now we have an opportunity to celebrate what God is doing over there!

A few Sundays ago, I mentioned some of the things God did at Vacation Bible School over at our Florence campus.  Syl Masih, the Dir. of GFC Florence Children's Ministries, sent me some cool facts & figures that I wanted to pass on to you to tell you a little more, so that you can join me in praising God for all that He did throughout the week.

The theme this year was "Kingdom Chronicles," a curriculum developed by AnswersBible Curriculum based on Ephesians 6:10-18.  Each day, kids gathered for lots of fun and learned what it means to put on the full armor of God in the battle for truth.

Many volunteered...THANK YOU!

There were 120 volunteers, daily.  Of that, 49% were adults and 51% were middle school and high school youth volunteers.

The missions project this year was for the children to bring in change everyday to buy diapers for New Hope Center families.

The Goal was 5,000 diapers.

Not only did our children meet the goal of 5,000 diapers but they more than doubled it by giving enough change to buy 13,633 diapers for New Hope Center. 

While VBS was running there was also an outreach to the Japanese community.  50 of the kids attending VBS were Japanese.  An average of 28 women were meeting daily in the cafe and learning what their kids attending VBS were learning, but at a deeper heart level, connecting them to the Gospel.  These women were introduced to the other Japanese ministries of Grace Fellowship Church, including the Wednesday morning Japanese Bible Study.

Praise God for all that He did through Vacation Bible School!

As we celebrate what God has done through VBS, it begs the question...what will outreach look like for GFC Newport?

Stay tuned...  {;-)

~ Pastor Peter
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