From Pastor Peter 7/3/13

Dear Grace Family,
Last Sunday
Boy, was I sorry to have been out of town last Sunday!  Everyone I speak to about the service last Sunday says it was one of, if not THE best worship service to date at GFC Newport.  Thank you, Spencer & Josh, for doing such a great job in leading our Concert of Prayer.  I look forward to the next time we take time to worship like that again.
This Sunday!
Please see updated post HERE.

This week we return to our sermon series in Romans by moving into one of the richest chapters in the entire book – chapter 5.  We’ll stay here for a while because over the next 3 weeks from these first 11 verses of ch. 5, Pastor Brad will show us Six Changes that take place in your life when you become a Christian.  These are six changes that you can only experience when you have been justified – made right with the God of the universe – by faith in His Son Jesus Christ.  This Sunday we’ll look at just the first three changes that you can see in just the first two verses.

Want to prepare yourself in the Word?  Read Romans 5:1-11 over and over.  You won’t be sorry.  Read it slowly and prayerfully.  Then on Sunday, we’ll dig down into the first two verses to see what God says about the difference being justified by faith makes in your life.  It does make a difference, and sometimes it’s good to stop and think about it again.

· Start praying for High School Youth Camp, Aug. 4-10.  Pray that God would meet with the kids in a special way.  Camp is often where lives are changed in significant ways. 
· Don’t forget to give. Summer is a great time to get away for some much needed R&R, but the church ministries and expenses continue on.  Thank you for continuing to give through the summer months so that we can keep doing all that God has called us to do
· Save the Date! Wed, July 17th at 7 PM is our GFC Newport Forum, a time I’m looking forward to spending with you to having a dialogue with you about our new church campus – both what God has done and what I hope he’ll do in the days ahead.  I’m also interested in hearing what you see, and what you’re praying for.  Mark down the date (location TBD), and plan on coming out for a good time together, and some dessert.

See you on Sunday!
Love in Christ,

Pastor Peter
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