From Pastor Peter: Ooops

Dear Grace Family,

In my most recent post, I included information about a sermon that we won't be sitting under...well, at least not this Sunday.

I inadvertently gave you introductory remarks regarding a sermon we'll be hearing next Sunday (14-Jul).  If you've chosen to reflect upon the Scriptures I mentioned, great.  It'll be especially great for next week, too.

Tomorrow (Sun, 07-Jul), we'll be hearing a sermon from Romans 4, during which Pastor Brad will be helping us understand 3 of the most common mistakes people make as they seek to understand how they can be right with God.  If you want to prepare for the actual sermon we'll be hearing (a phenomenal idea, if I do say so myself), consider reading through Romans 4:1-16 before coming to church this Sunday.

Sigh...we all have our moments, right?  Thanks for bearing with me during one of mine.  {;-)

In Christ,

Pastor Peter
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