GFC Newport Forum Location...Revealed! (Gasp!)

In church yesterday, I joked about the fact that I'd told you everything about the upcoming GFC Newport Forum (date, time, topics, why I'm excited, yes I'll be serving light refreshments that include Starbucks Coffee that is being DONATED to us...woo-hoo!) except for one important detail...the location.  Where will it be held?

Of course, one of the challenges in being a church that rents space is finding meeting space for anything other than our weekly worship services.  This time was no different.  After many phone calls, exploring options, comparing prices and trying to figure out the best possible solution, we finally nailed down a place:

Why there?  I'm glad you asked.

Daymar College has been a friend to GFC Newport for quite some time now.  I first stumbled upon them when looking for a space in which we could worship.  They had a great space, but simply could not accommodate us on Sundays.  They were very kind and helpful, so much so that they came to mind months later when we were in need of a meeting place for one of our Small Groups.  I went back upstairs, reintroduced myself, and asked if they might be able to give us a free classroom of some sort for a Small Group to use once each week.  They were more than happy to help, and gave us a great room that they call "the Great Room," simply because...right.  It's a great room.  Very spacious, great views of the river & Cincinnati skyline, it was infinitely more than we ever asked for. on-site, indoor parking (great for poor weather).

Soooooooooo...that's where we'll be.  I do hope you'll consider joining us for some coffee, cheesecake, and what I hope to be a great time of looking at what God has done among us in the short time we've been meeting in theater 10 since January.

Hope to see you there!

God bless,

Pastor Peter
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