From Pastor Peter 09-Aug-2013

Dear Grace Family,

This Sunday

I'm looking forward to preaching live back home at GFC Newport with you this week!

Last Sunday we looked at Rom. 5:12-14 together.  It was a heavy text as we look at the origins of sin and death, and spoke about how they've effected all of humanity since Adam's sin.  This Sunday, we get to finish up Rom. 5 as we look at verses 15-21 and see how this Man is better than the first man.  While there are many similarities between the first and Last Adams, Paul closes this portion of his letter by doing a side-by-side comparison to show that although Adam's sin has caused all to be sinners by nature and allows death to reign, what Jesus Christ accomplished on the cross is stronger than what Adam did in the garden.  One last time, consider preparing yourself in the Word as we close out Rom. 5 together this weekend.

Thanks for Praying

We had some pretty unique opportunities to reach out to our neighbors in Fort Thomas after the tragic shooting that took place on Tuesday morning.  In large part, it all came about because of your prayers.  I'm working on a post to better explain that.  In the meantime, if you have no idea what I'm referring to, catch up by checking out these two posts from Wednesday and Thursday and join me in thanking God for what He's done.

Last Call for Reds Tickets!

I'm looking forward to taking in some baseball with the GFC Newport family after church on Sunday.  Looks like lots of you will be joining me in the ballpark after church for the game at 1:10 PM.  In fact, our tickets are almost gone!  If you want to come and haven't bought tickets yet, be sure to get 'em while they're still available (all tickets $10 each).  Find details and purchase tickets HERE.  

Have a great weekend.  See you on Sunday!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Peter
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