From Pastor Peter 16-Aug-2013

Dear Grace Family,

Keep praying for Alisha Waters...and write her a note!

Many of you have asked how Alisha Waters is doing (the young lady who was shot in Fort Thomas last week).  It looks like someone has set up a blog to keep people posted.  Click HERE to check it out, and join me in writing a note in the Guestbook, too.  A few encouraging words, some Scripture, a note to let her know you're praying for her goes a long way during times like this.

This Sunday

This Sunday, we'll jump into Romans 6 with Pastor Brad and focus on our sanctification - the ongoing process of fighting sin, by God’s grace now, and growing to become more and more like Christ.  And it is a process; a process that won’t be finished until Christ returns or takes you home in death.  So until that day, you’ll need to understand what Paul is talking about in Romans, chapters 6, 7, and 8.  We’re about to dig into three of the most important chapters you could wrestle with as a Christian because they describe where you live right now – in the land of the ‘Already’ but the ‘Not yet.’  We've already been set free from the PENALTY of sin (Paul nailed that in Romans ch. 4 & 5), but now God will teach us how to be free from the POWER of sin that has not yet been completely removed from us.

Consider the following in preparation for Sunday:

  • When your sin nature, that you still have resident within you, stirs and raises its ugly head, how do you deal with it? 
  • What do you do with your sin that you still come face-to-face with?  Where do you turn?  What do you think?

In Romans ch. 6,7, and 8 Paul is going to tell us what to think and how to fight!

To get ready for Sunday – read Romans 6:1-14 several times.

New School Year Begins!

This past week, so many of our students, teachers, and parents started anew as buses schools opened their doors for the first time since late May.  If you haven't already done so, take a moment to pray for all in our school system at every level.  Teachers and school administrators have so much influence on so many children and parents.  May God redeem the time they are given to spend with each other for His glory as the Summer break comes to a close and a new school year begins.

Counseling & Discipleship Training Conference (CDT)

The start of the school year also means we’re just 4 weeks away from our Counseling & Discipleship Training Conference.  This annual event has been a staple in our spiritual diets for 8 years now at Grace Fellowship Church.  We have 275 registered so far, and we're hoping and praying for 125 more for a total of 400 conference attendees  Maybe you're one of those 125 that have been thinking about it but just haven’t pulled the trigger yet.  Consider joining us! We’d love to see you there, learning how to use your Bible to find answers in life for both yourself and others in the many circles you're part of.  Whether you want to join our formal counseling ministry like so many have and continue to do, or just want to have a better grasp on the Scriptures for personal growth and help for you and others, you won’t be sorry you invested the time or the money.  Click HERE for everything you need to know.  I hope to see you there!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Peter
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