From Pastor Peter 23-Aug-2013

Dear Grace Family,

Pray for Sarah & Silas!

Thank you to all who have asked me how Sarah is doing in her pregnancy, and how far along she is.  Silas, our baby boy, is scheduled to come screaming into the world on Friday, 30-Aug.  Unless he decides to come earlier, we're very excited to meet the little guy then!  Please pray for Sarah, Silas and our family during this last week of the pregnancy.  It's been a long nine months, but we've been so blessed by God's faithfulness and the love we've been shown by so many of you, especially those in our Small Group.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers, meals, words of encouragement, smiles & hugs.  We're almost as excited to introduce you to the little guy as we are to meet him!  :)

This Sunday

This Sunday we'll dive deeper into one of the most important chapters in all of the Bible for a Christian to understand – Romans 6.  Last week we focused on just the first two verses of the chapter, where Paul is driving home to us the fact that extreme, free grace that saves us never leaves us where it finds us.  In other words, Paul says, ‘You can’t just continue on in your sin as if nothing’s changed.’  And if you’re saying, “Why not???” this Sunday we’ll find the answer in Rom. 6:3-6.

Last week we saw his short answer in Romans 6:2 when he said, "… How shall we who died to sin live any longer in it?" That’s Paul’s answer in capsule form, but the rest of Romans 6 is where he goes into more detail, explaining what he means.  Join us on Sunday to find out more of why Paul is convinced that extreme, free grace never leads to extreme sin, but instead leads to holiness.

From The Elders

We want to do a better job of keeping our church family informed and also hear from you more often about all that God is doing in our church.  We're taking some baby steps in what we really believe is the right direction.  Confused?  Click HERE to see what we're talking about.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Peter
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