Worship God Conference Recap

This post comes from Josh Lewis, a member of the Newport worship team.


Spencer Settles and I had the chance to attend the WorshipGod East 2013 conference, along with Brad Spence (GFC's worship director) and a few others from our Florence campus. The conference was put on by Sovereign Grace Ministries, and they write a lot of the songs we do at Newport.

Spencer & Josh with Bob Kauflin, Director of Sovereign Grace Music

The theme was "Called to Be Faithful". We were reminded that as Christians we are called to be faithful to receive from God before we can give back to Him in worship. He is what fuels our worship. We are called to grow in our walk with Christ. As Ryan Fultz (the High School Director at the Florence Campus) put it, "The gospel calls us to come as we are...and leave different."

The second night, Kevin DeYoung (a pastor who wrote the book Just Do Something) talked about how we are called to be faithful to proclaim the good news that Jesus saves sinners. He used the parable or the sower and the seeds (see Matthew 13:1-9), and how the sower spread seeds all over the place. He didn't think to himself, "Dang, that ground looks rocky, I don't think that will work." No, instead, he looked at the rocky ground and thought, "I'll give it a try", and spread the seed anyways. The idea is that we are not called to think about whether this person might listen or if we have the right technique and approach. We are just called to sow (aka tell people what Jesus has done in our lives), and let God to the rest.

Spencer and I are so grateful that we have a church that takes worshipping God and ministering to people through song seriously. We were glad to be a part of those few days, and were excited to teach some new songs to our Newport family.

Grace & Peace,

Joshua Lewis

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