From Pastor Peter 20-Sep-2013

Dear Grace Family,

From the Elders

We've got a new spin on Forums.  Read all about it HERE.

New Series starts THIS SUNDAY!

I know, I know...just when you were getting into Romans, we switch it up on you.  I feel ya.  Still, I think it's a good thing for a few reasons, not the least of which is how much we'll look forward to getting back into Romans in 2014.  In the meantime, click HERE to learn why I'm personally looking forward to these sermons, and start praying for the time we'll spend in the Word during the "Holy Sex" series.

"Connect" - Sun, 29-Sep

New to our church?  We have just the thing for you, and it includes free lunch!  Click HERE to learn more about "Connect."  If you know you'll be there, be a dear and RSVP while it's fresh on your mind.  That'll help us plan accordingly when we order food.  Thanks much!

Small Groups are underway!

Our Small Groups kicked off this week in and around Newport, in addition to the 50+ other Small Groups associated with our church.  Very exciting!  It's never too late to join one.  Click HERE to meet our Small Group leaders.


Thank you so much for your regular and sacrificial support of GFC with your money.  These are tough economic times, so we’re grateful for every dollar you give, and we work hard to invest it wisely.  This year we’re behind budget by about $220,000.  If you’re new to our church family and haven’t started giving, would you consider joining the hundreds of others of us by investing your money into what God is doing in and through our church?  Or if you’ve given in the past but have slacked off, please join us again in funding all that God has called us to do in this next decade.  We could never do it without people like you faithfully & sacrificially investing your money.  To make your giving easy and automatic, click HERE to set up an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).

See you on Sunday,

Pastor Peter
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