New Series: Why press "pause" on Romans?

I've really been enjoying our time in Romans and would not have wanted to take a break from it if it weren't for the particular sermon series we're about to start entitled Holy Sex: Sexual Purity in a World Gone Mad.

You don't have to be a sociologist to look around and see the moral degradation of the world in which we live, and how sexual sin is so often at the very core.  The Pornography industry is a $13 billion (yes - with a "b" - billion) business in the United States alone.  Cohabitation and fornication happens more often than not.  Homosexuality is lauded.  Children are abused.  Sex slaves are real.  Some marriages are sexLESS, and others have their very foundations rocked by adultery one or both spouses.

Our world really has gone mad.

More than just calling sin what it is and talking about how terrible the world is, we'll seek to point you to hope, help and answers in God's holy, unchanging Word.  We won't be pointing the finger at everyone else "out there."  Instead, our time will be spent answering the question of how we can honor God in our sexuality with the one and only life He's given us on earth.

Young or old - single or married - male or female - homosexual or heterosexual - veteran Christian or just checking it all out - this series is for you.

Series starts this Sun, 22-Sep, 10:30 AM.

- Pastor Peter
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