Counting People 'cause People Count - Thanks!

I worked part-time (and eventually full-time) as a Database Manager for a company back in college.  Maybe that's where it started.

I also worked as a 401(k) Consultant for awhile and had to understand the little details of record keeping for my clients so I could speak with HR people and help them manage their plans for their employees.  Maybe that's where it started.

I also used to sit in front of the front-load washing machine in our apartment building as a kid and watch it run through a complete cycle for about twenty-five minutes straight as if it were a TV.  (Ask Mom.  I really did.)  That's kinda weird.  Maybe that's where it started.

I'm talking about my geeky side.  I do have one (act surprised).  My eyes light up when I see a spreadsheet, particularly if it has a pie chart.  I get butterflies in my stomach if said sheet and/or pie chart is in color.  There's just so much you can learn from it!

I did a geeky happy dance on Monday in my office (video here) because we had the highest Connection Form participation ever.  96% of our folks filled out Connection Forms this past week.  That's huge!  Why?

We count people because people count.

Is it all about the numbers?  Not really...but kinda.  Those Connection Forms help me to better shepherd the flock by seeing who is new among us, where we're drawing people from, and how we can best minister to them.  It helps me "close the back door," which is church-speak for not just knowing who walked in one day, but also seeing if they stay and where they are in their walks with the Lord.

Are they a "one-timer," never to be seen again?

Are they a "SMO" (Sunday Morning Only)?

Are they connected to a Small Group?  Are they serving?

These don't tell you everything about people, but they're very helpful indicators as to how people are doing, and how we're doing as a church.

Sooooo, I just wanted to take this time to say "thanks."  You taking a minute or two each Sunday to fill that thing out, tear it off and pass it on may seem a bit tedious or pointless on a Sunday morning, but I can't tell you how helpful it is for me on Monday morning, especially when the number of forms received is as close to the head count as it was this past week.

Wanna read a little more?  Here's a link to a helpful article I read recently re: this topic.

Thanks again, friends.  Keep up the great work.

Love in Christ,

Pastor Peter  

(Imaged used with permission via Creative Commons)
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