From Pastor Peter 18-Oct-2013

Dear Grace Family,

This Sermon

7 days ago wasn't just your typical Friday.  It also happened to be "National Coming Out Day."  It's a day that people publicly & corporately celebrate identifying themselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.  It's not new, either.  This is actually the 25th year that the 11th of October has been used to celebrate people identifying themselves in such a way.

Our sermon series is entitled Holy Sex: Sexual Purity in a World Gone Mad.  One of the clearest signs of the madness of our lost world can be seen in the advancement of the homosexual agenda in our culture.  This Sunday we'll look to the Scriptures to see what God has to say, not only about the homosexual, but about all Christians and how the Lord would have us respond in a way that is pleasing to Him.  May God use our time together to take us back to the hope and help all Christians find in the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the power of God unto salvation and holy living.

Also, I'll be waving around a book I highly recommend reading entitled Out of a Far Country.  I only came across it a few weeks ago so when I preached this sermon at Florence last week, we weren't able to offer it in the Resource Center.  However, we were able to get our hands on a few copies to offer at our Resource Center this Sunday in time for this sermon, so consider picking up a copy or ordering it online.  It was a GREAT read, both teaching and reminding me of truth as I learn of how God worked in this man's life.

I won't be with you this Sunday as I'm in New York City officiating a wedding for a former student and friend of mine.  Afterward, I head off to a conference in Chicago.  Please pray for both of these times; that I would preach a clear Gospel message at the wedding, and that I'd learn all that God has for me at the conference next week.

Love in Christ,

Pastor Peter
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