[REVISED] From Pastor Peter 04-Oct-2013

(Revisions below.)

Dear Grace Family,

A Note from the Elders

Click HERE to read a note from the Elders about one of the recent changes made to the Youth Ministry at our Florence campus.

Giving Update from Pastor Brad - click HERE

Baptism Class - 9 AM THIS SUNDAY!

Have you been baptized since you've become a Christian?  If not, then this class is for you.  Come to our very first Baptism Class at GFC Newport.  This informative class will be helpful for anyone who wants to learn about what the Bible says about this ordinance, and will better help you to assess if baptism is for you (hint...if you're a Christian and haven't been baptized, it is most definitely for you). :)

Still not sure?  Got questions?  Wanna learn more?  You don't commit to anything by coming to the class, so stop by on your way to church and learn.  NEXT SUNDAY (06-OCT) at 9:00am in the Levee's Community Room (directly across from GameWorks).  Oh, and if you already know you'll be joining us, let us know by clicking HERE.

Pray for our Small Group Service Projects!

Two of our Small Groups took advantage of some opportunities to reach out to our community!  Some members of my Small Group joined me in Covington where we set up the Prayer Stand and offered to pray with anyone who was willing.  We spoke with 15+ people in just two hours!  I look forward to passing on those prayer requests to our Small Group when we meet next.  Please pray for the people we got to interact with in our time there.

Zach & Kelly Lux's Small Group will be serving in the Newport Intermediate School on 4th Street tonight.  This week, the school sent home invitations to students to come back to the school tonight for a reading workshop where our folks will have the opportunity to come alongside students & parents to help them in their reading practices at home.  A local pizza store will be hooking us up with pizza at an incredibly low price, and Kona Ice will be donating some tasty treats as well.  Please pray for the time these folks will spend with parents and students, and for how God may use this to open doors for future outreach opportunities.

Sermon this Sunday: Back to Romans!

This Sunday, Pastor Brad will help us understand how it is that so many people – both inside and outside of the church –  end up taking this good gift of marriage, sexuality, and gender and make such a mess of it.  To get ready for Sunday, read Romans 1:18-32.

See you on Sunday,

Pastor Peter
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